Best of 2017: Fábio Da Silva of Annihilation


We recently featured Annihilation in a Profile of rhythm guitarist and founding member Fábio Da Silva which you can check out here. Their latest album The Undivided Wholeness of All Things, released last month, is yet another testament to what is capable in brutal, technical death metal while not falling into any of the typical traps of either. Put plainly, it’s a stellar release so obviously, we are excited to bring you his best metal picks from 2017.

Fabio Dá Silva’s Best of 2017

Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained

What a comeback from Morbid Angel, after 6 years since the disappointment that Illud Divinum Insanus was, Morbid Angel returns in full force and again with Steve Tucker at the helm. Gotta say that I love his return. Hail Morbid Angel!!!

Immolation – Atonement

These guys are like a good bootle of red wine, as long as the years pass they just keep on getting better and better and better…

Gigan – Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence

With their 4th release and the strongest one in my opinion, Gigan were able to tame the beast and the chaos from the previous releases, don’t take me wrong here, I’m not saying that they mellow down their sound, it’s quite the opposite, I think they just found the perfect balance on “Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence.”

Arkaik – Nemethia

Every album that these guys put out is able to surpass the previous, Arkaik are here to stay and to prove that Technical Death can also be groovy and catchy without forsaking the style.

Aosoth – V The Inside Scriptures

With a perfect blend of Black Metal and obscure Death Metal, Aosoth’s new album really left a good impression and so it deserves to be included on the top 10!

John Frum – A Stirring In The Noos

With Derek Rydquist (Ex- The Faceless) on vocals, Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan) on bass, Matt Hollenberg (John Zorn) at the guitar, and Eli Litwin (Intensus) on drums, the expectation around this band was high and they did not disappoint, unleashing a solid dark/psychedelic/technical death metal that left my ears bleeding and my mind in awe while trying to absorb every aspect of this album every time I press play!

Beneath – Ephemeris

Coming from the cold lands of Iceland (no pun intended here) Beneath once again is able to unleash a solid Death Metal album mixed with their own blend of brutality and intricate melodies, I’ve been following this band since the beginning and they are getting stronger with every new release.

Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid

I’m gonna be honest here, the first time I listened to Igorrr was with Savage Sinusoid and immediately I’ve became a fan of the band. The numerous styles blended so perfectly in this project left me speechless. So if you don’t know this band, do yourself a favor and go listen to every single release!

Archspire – Relentless Mutation

Their best release so far in my opinion! A perfect blend of intricate Technical Death Metal with insane vocal patterns that will leave any MC or rapper with his jaw dropping! Hats off to Oli Petters and his insane fast vocal patterns!

Ingurgitating Oblivion – Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light

At this point most of you have already noticed that I’m a sucker for dissonant stuff in the vein of Ulcerate or Gorguts, and Ingurgitating Oblivion, with this new album, was able to get a “seat” reserved amongst the mentioned bands!

Many thanks to Annihilation and Fábio Da Silva for their time. Keep up with all things Annihilation on their Facebook page and be sure to check out The Undivided Wholeness of All Things, pronto.

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