Nine Circles ov…2019: A Mid-Year Report

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Anyone feel oppressed by the ridiculous heat blasting through the Northeast?  It almost makes you want to take a month off of writing for a website.  I kid, but in truth I needed some time because the amount of quality metal that has been coming out this year has been INSANE.  Label faves like Season of Mist and Gilead have been routinely hitting it out of the park, but great music has been crawling out of every nook and cranny, and it’s dizzying to be caught up in the middle of it.  I had a list of about 14 I wanted to throw on here, but in keeping with the nature of the column I stuck to nine, all released this year before 7/1, and all on Bandcamp, because dammit let’s support artists with dollars, not fractions of pennies (plus it makes the formatting nice).

So here’s a glimpse of where my head is currently at.  We’ll see where these land come end of year, but right now they’re red hot and in constant rotation in my ears.  Onward. Continue reading

The Nine Circles ov…Devin Townsend (Part II: Not-So-Hevy Devy)

devin townsend

Welcome back to part two of The Nine Circles ov Devin Townsend! I suppose this should probably, technically, be called The Eighteen Circles ov Devin Townsend — because, you know, math; two lists of nine songs equals 18 — but really, the #brand trumps all. Anyway, you may recall that last week’s list focused on the more crushing elements of the Bald God’s catalogue. This week? It’s all about his lighter, calmer side. You’ve already had your long, expository intro, so let’s not waste any more time — here’s the list:  Continue reading

The Nine Circles ov…Devin Townsend (Part I: Hevy Devy)

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Hooboy. Here it is. I was wondering when I’d finally take the plunge and dig into the lord, the savior, the mad scientist that is Mr. Devin Townsend with one of these lists. I think what held me back for so long was the sheer breadth of material in the man’s solo catalogue. If you count the two parts of last year’s Z2 as two separate albums (I do), the guy’s put out a whopping 18 solo albums — to say nothing of the five he did with Strapping Young Lad. It’s intimidating, to say the least.  Continue reading