Album Review: DEATHCAVE — “Smoking Mountain”

In the ever-expanding world of metal, new bands seem to constantly be emerging and stepping up to the plate.  DEATHCAVE is here to take a big swing with their debut full-length release, Smoking Mountain.  Their is, at times, as haunting as its namesake (the Apache death cave in Winslow, Arizona) with lyrics to match.  The general theme here focuses on the inexorable concept of the decay, demise, and death of humans and nature.  While the lyrics are enough to sink into a depression, the music is a delightful combination of thrash, doom, and psychedelic metal.  While at times haunting and dark, it has some lively high-energy moments mixed into the doomy haze.  The trio formed in 2018 and released a three-song, self-titled demo last year.  Their music is a captivating combination of metal sub-genres performed by just three skilled musicians.  Smoking Mountain is an enticing introduction to DEATHCAVE and their experimental sound. Continue reading

CANTO: Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, Uruk-Hai, and More


Starting the year strong! I can’t wait to see how 2020 turns me into a slightly uglier, out-of-shape version of myself.

  • Based on this teaser, I’m of the impression that Lamb of God will be releasing something new this year (2020). It’s a minute since they gave us a fresh, and I’m curious how things turn out with new drummer Art Cruz. I will inevitably stay tuned.
  • This update from Cannibal Corpse is slightly more straightforward. The death metal legends have just entered the studio to work on a new album. When we see it? Maybe late this year?
  • This past Saturday, Black Breath bassist Elijah Nelson passed away at the age of the 40. The cause is unknown, but the rest of the band issued this statement over on Facebook. He will be missed.
  • Here’s a new track from Uruk-Hai titled “The Birth of an Uruk-Hai”. That number will be featured on a split album shared with Druadan Forest that will be released alter this year on Antiq Label.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Best of 2015: Brendan’s (Totaly Weak and Untrve) List

Best 2015

Guys, 2015 was pretty rad, at least in terms of music (I’d also argue it was a watershed year in almost all creative and entertainment media I follow, but that’s a different discussion. Plus, I just had a really good year, in general).

The nine albums listed below earned their spots because they stuck with me all year for one reason or another. However, I wanted to give lip service to a few that ultimately didn’t make the top nine, but that still brought some great musical moments into my life. For instance, I have spent many a rainy night nodding to the cyberpunk synthwave of GosT’s Behemoth while riding the train home, feeling like a character in a William Gibson novel; I took long hikes in Oregon’s lower Willamette Valley to the sounds of Enslaved’s In Times and Misthyrming’s Söngvar elds og óreiðu; and I got to experience the sonic energy of Mutoid Man’s Bleeder (and Helium Head) live in its entirety, in what was probably my favorite show of 2015. These little moments are just a few in a year filled with them.

Anyway, enough nostalgic waxing from me. Here’s to hoping 2016 is as good of a year as 2015 (I’m looking at you Gorguts, Gojira, and Horrendous).

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Album Review: Black Breath – “Slaves Beyond Death”

black breath slaves beyond death
Artwork by the immortal Paolo Girardi

It’s a fear of every band that they may fall into repetition, becoming slaves to their own formula and sound. Despite the strength of their music, Black Breath were one such band at risk of this; there was only so far their sound could take them. Black Breath are perhaps one of the more popular purveyors of the “Entombed-core” sound, sprinkling blackened thrash and hardcore influences over a base of death’n’roll a la Wolverine Blues-era Entombed. On their latest offering, Slaves Beyond Death, the buzzsaw guitar riffs and blackened thrash sensibilities are still there, but instead of sticking with this death’n’roll-meets-thrash direction, Black breath have honed in on and developed the death metal aspect of their sound to the point that they are practically playing purely death metal on Slaved Beyond Death. Continue reading

Initial Descent: September 25’s New Releases in Brief

gloryhammer band photo

Look at that picture. How can you not get excited about a band with that kind of promo photo? That’s Scottish / Swiss power metal crew Gloryhammer, who’s leading the way in, admittedly, a lighter week of new releases than we had last week. Here’s what’s on tap:
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