Initial Descent: September 25’s New Releases in Brief

gloryhammer band photo

Look at that picture. How can you not get excited about a band with that kind of promo photo? That’s Scottish / Swiss power metal crew Gloryhammer, who’s leading the way in, admittedly, a lighter week of new releases than we had last week. Here’s what’s on tap:

September 25, 2015

Gloryhammer – Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards (Napalm)

gloryhammer space 1992 rise of the chaos wizards

[full review]

Sivyj Yar – Burial Shrouds (Avantgarde)

Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death (Southern Lord)

black breath slaves beyond death

Other New Releases of Note:

  • Huntress – Static (Napalm)
  • Krallice – Ygg Huur [physical release] (Avantgarde)
  • Veiled – Omniscient Veil (Iron Bonehead) [full review]
  • Twin Lords – Devastating Planetary Shift (Handshake, Inc.) [full review]
  • Mord’A’Stigmata – Our Hearts Slow Down EP (Pagan)
  • VI – De Praestgiis Angelorum (Agonia)
  • Shrine Of Insanabilis – Disciples Of The Void (WTC)

Keep it heavy,

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