Album Review: Vesicant – “Shadows of Cleansing Iron”


“Blackened death” or whatever you want to call it seems to be the genre du jour this year, and I’ll be the first to admit the scuzzy, filth-ridden sound is not a favorite for me. The switch hasn’t clicked in my head that seems to be the default position for so many online writers who fawn over this kind of thing (there’s a reason I didn’t review the latest from Triumvir Foul), but I keep trying to crack it, to find some hook or jagged spike I can latch onto and wallow in the muddied waters with the rest of you.

So, biases and trepidation laid out, let’s take a listen to the debut from Vesicant, Shadows of Cleansing Iron.   Continue reading

Wacken Metal Battle USA – Boston Round 1 Winner: Coffin Birth

wacken metal battle usa

I’m not even going to pretend this is fresh news. But better late than never right?! As a quick reminder from yesterday, we will be covering the Boston region of the Wacken Metal Battle USA 2017. The first round of this inaugural competition took place on February 21st at ONCE Somerville and we couldn’t be more excited to share the round one winner… Coffin Birth! Continue reading

EP Attack: Perverted Ceremony, Amphisbaena‏, Nox & Unbegotten

ep attack header

This edition of EP-Attack comes to us via Nuclear War Now! Productions, Graceless Recordings, Iron Bonehead and Forever Plagued Records. We will cover releases from Perverted Ceremony, Amphisbaena‏ , Nox and Unbegotten. We are looking at a bunch of material being put out via cassette. One of them, the Perverted Ceremony, is getting an updated reissue of sorts. There’s plenty of raw, hateful black metal to be heard throughout these four. Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Temple Nightside and Bell’s Brewery’s Lager of the Lakes

Receiving the Evcharist

With my dearly beloved cohort in blog-crime away at Migration Fest, I decided to step up to the liquor soaked plate and combine one of my absolute favorite fancy beers with an album that I really enjoy but wasn’t able to cover in detail. It should be known that I’m generally a Miller Lite of Miller Hi-Life kind of guy. I like having something as a go-to that is simple, direct and generally pretty watery. But when I like to step it up, I don’t mess around. On the metal end, I think it’s no secret that I’m pretty all over the board. But I tend to like a lot more aggression in my metal than I do in my beer. So for this week’s edition of Receiving the Evcharist I will pair a Bell’s Lager of the Lakes with the newest release from Australian blackened death metal outfit, Temple Nightside. Continue reading

Album Review: Polyptych – “Defying the Metastasis”


It’s not even June yet, but let’s go ahead and call it in the air: For those of us into music of the heavy and angry sort, 2016 is death metal’s year. While 2015 offered some scattered gems, death metal of all sorts just came roaring out of the gate from the beginning of 2016. Chicago-based Polyptych add to its formidable ranks with their third independent album, Defying the Metastasis, which continues the year’s progression in technical, forward-thinking death metal that is not short on brutal riffs, unorthodox songwriting, and an inventiveness that establishes them as a distinct voice in a very crowded (but excellent) scene.   Continue reading