Video Premiere: Pandrador — “Valediction of Exalted One” (Guitar Playthrough)

Polish death metal act Pandrador is the latest addition to the Pagan Records roster, and they’re set to release their second full-length album, Seiðr, in the very near future. Serving as the latest sampling from their upcoming new album, Nine Circles is proud to premiere a guitar playthrough by Bartłomiej “Bard” Bardon for the track “Valediction of Exalted One”. A blistering, unrelenting display of everything that makes the upcoming new album as awesome as it is can be seen and hear directly after the jump.

Falling in the latter stages of the album, and immediately following the previously released “Hvergelmir,” “Valediction of Exalted One” is a beast that makes its mark early and doesn’t relinquish until the last possible second. It contains many of the broader environmental themes that define Seiðr, but this particular extraction is direct, precise, and offers a welcomed dose of simple ferocity in the larger picture. This guitar playthrough serves as a welcome and appreciated look into the technicality that lie within these dense passages.

Additionally, the band had this to say about the track:

“Valediction of Exalted One is a direct continuation of what “Hvergelmir” has started. The meaning of the song is not unambiguous, although those who have ever felt “unimportant” in their lives will perfectly understand every word in the lyrics. Musically speaking, it is the definition of the direction taken by Pandrador on new album.”

To widen the lens a bit, a continuation of their self-released debut, Ov Rituals, Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny, Seiðr is a masterful display of deep, resonating death metal that weaves in enough blackened melodic and symphonic components to truly elevate the Pandrador vision. Having had the privilege to dive into this album in full a little early, I promise you this thing is packed with good stuff, and frankly it just sounds awesome. The musicianship right down to the production is all worth applauding. The immensity of this album will call back to familiar concepts, but its the way this project effortlessly tells its story, wandering from one chapter to the next, that makes it easy to get lost in. But you won’t need to take my word for it for much longer…

As a reminder, Seiðr is out later this month, May 26, through Pagan Records. You can check the first single from the new record, “Hvergelmir”, right here. Be sure to get the latest updates by following Pandrador over on Facebook and Instagram.

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