Profile: Brian Tarter of Brass Owl

Brass Owl

On Brass Owl‘s self-titled EP, released in June, this power trio shifts gears from stoner metal to jam band to southern rock to blues and back again over the course of seven songs — no matter what they slip into it’s cohesive, catchy and damn memorable. Simply put, hearing traces of Gov’t Mule alongside COC is never a bad thing. Mastermind and guitarist/vocalist Brian Tarter played with Steve Vai back in the 90s and having been in the music game for over thirty years he, obviously, brings a ton of experience and knowledge to the table that, along with his bandmates, shines through every note of Brass Owl. We had the chance to sit down with Brian for more information on him and the band so head below for his answers and click through the links contained within to show them some support. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: CEBO))) – “Bloodwheel”

CEBO))) - Bloodwheel

A couple listens to CEBO)))‘s second release Bloodwheel is all it takes to get its sludgy hooks in you deep. The album is a multi-dimensional beast with some seriously downtuned fuzz, rock hooks and a blues heart. The band is a solo project of Jim McMillan and hails from Georgia, home of the sweaty, hotter than Hades type of summers. And Bloodwheel is about as perfect a companion to those miserable dog days as a cold beer is to quenching thirst. That’s not a slight in the least, rather a compliment and if you even remotely like sludge you’re in for a treat with this edition of Sepulchral Saturday. Continue reading

Rainbows in the Dark: Chris Stapleton – “Traveller”


On this edition of Rainbows in the Dark, we’ll be looking at—gasp, shock, horror—a country album. A very good one, mind you, unfettered by the usual stylistic tropes of Nashville pop-garbage that saturates the radio. Traveller, released in May 2015 by Chris Stapleton, is refreshing in many ways. Not only is the songwriting absolutely brilliant, but Stapleton’s integration of blues, classic rock, and honest introspection makes Traveller an album that doesn’t tidily fit into any particular mold—and frankly, that’s what great about it. From top to bottom, Traveller is a tour-de-force in American songwriting. Continue reading

Rainbows In The Dark: Thunderbitch – “Thunderbitch”

Thunderbitch - Thunderbitch

Chances are, regardless of musical preference, the bluesy rock and southern soul group Alabama Shakes have crossed your radar at some point. If so, the soulful and powerful vocals from Brittany Howard undoubtedly left an impression. Thunderbitch, fronted by Brittany Howard, joined by members of Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks, self-released their debut S/T full length, seemingly out of nowhere. Both, the band name and the promo photos floated around with the vocalist, disguised in glasses and a leather jacket looking the part of youthful angst. Thus, the musical direction of “good time garage rock” with a heavy dose of southern soul comes as no surprise. So it is with this installment of Rainbows In The Dark. Continue reading