The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 283 (5.13.2023)

I’m not sure what the Venn Diagram looks like for metal fans, video game fans, and zealots fawning over the just-released new chapter in the Zelda franchise, Tears of the Kingdom but I know for a fact we have staff firmly in that cross section, which is why I am kicking off the 283rd edition of the Nine Circles Playlist not with my picks, but with Dan K’s. You’re welcome, Dan. I hope you’re playing your heart out today.

From there we kick things off proper with new music from Danava and a quartet of “S” bands: Sunrot, Shodan, Sisyphean, and Sarmat. Then it’s brutal fun from the likes of Werewolves, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar, A Pregnant Light, Spectral Wound, Body Count, new music from Blackbraid, a classic Opeth track finally brought to life live, and of course the new Paul Cauthen. Plus more than a few surprises.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week…


CANTO: Osi and the Jupiter, Dawn Of Solace, Body Count, and More

Third consecutive days in the 90s, and I didn’t skip a single run. Dumb!

  • Osi and the Jupiter, one of my favorite discoveries in the last couple of years, have set the release date for their fourth album, Stave. That will be out on August 27th through Eisenwald on CD, vinyl, and cassette formats. Check out the new track and video, “Folk of the Woods”, right now. Now where is my pre-order link???
  • Voyager have announced a new special virtual show which they’ve titled “A Voyage Through Time”. The show will air on Sunday, September 5th, a date that also celebrates the launch of Voyager 1. Tickets can be acquired here, and more details are to follow soon (I hope).
  • Dawn Of Solace, the solo project of gothic death/doom icon Tuomas Saukkonen, has set November 12th as the release date for Flames of Perdition. The third album under that project will be out through Noble Demon, and can be pre-saved/ordered here.
  • Iron Maiden covers are entertaining, so I’ll link in this version of “Flight of Icarus” from White Wizzard. The track features regular touring vocalist Mikey Dean Gremio (ex-Cellador), which is a fun fact of sorts.
  • And we’ll wrap up with the latest fan-created Body Count video for “The Hate Is Real”. That’s the second such version for that track, which is taken from Carnivore (Century Media). Give it a watch below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Crowbar, Cellar Darling, Body Count, and More

Today has been crazy, so let’s see what I can dig up in like 15 minutes.

  • Entertainment One (eOne) is releasing a limited edition vinyl repressing of Time Heals Nothing, the Crowbar classic that was released originally back in 1995. There will only be 1000 copies, split between the US and EU/UK. Grab your copy today right here.
  • Cellar Darling released a new video for “Dance”. The track was released back in January through Nuclear Blast, and was originally intended to be included in the 2019 concept album, The Spell. If you want a physical copy of Dance, you can acquire it here.
  • August Burns Red have announced the Guardian Sessions EP, set for an April 16th release through Fearless Records. Pre-order it here, and check out “Icarus”, a new track that includes a vocal cameo from bassist Dustin Davidson.
  • Body Count ended up releasing that fan-created music video for “The Hate Is Real”, another track taken from Carnivore. I’ve dabbled in some video editing in recent years, and damn… I got nothing. Good stuff here, check it out below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Altarage, Toxicrose, Feed Them Death, and More

  • For those that give a shit about the Grammy Awards, Body Count won “Best Metal Performance”. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Body Count and very much appreciate what they bring to the genre. But at the same time, the Grammys are just something I will never, ever, take seriously.
  • We’re still over a month from the release of Succomb, the upcoming new album from Altarage. But the good news is that this Monday came with the latest single from that album, titled “Forja”. Give it a listen here, and be feel free to pre-order the album over at Season of Mist.
  • Feed Them Death, the avantgarde extreme metal project, has a release date of May 7th for their third full-length, titled Negative. That will be out through Brucia Records, and you can check out a new track titled “Eulogic (Negative Dialektik)” at this location.
  • And we’ll close with the new music video from Toxicrose for “Domination”. I’ve never heard of this project, nor have I checked out this video, but they’re categorized as “trash glam metal”, and that can’t be anything other than a good time. That single is available through Crusader Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Body Count, Asphyx, Korpiklaani, and More

Happy Friday. Let’s get this over with.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”