The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 283 (5.13.2023)

I’m not sure what the Venn Diagram looks like for metal fans, video game fans, and zealots fawning over the just-released new chapter in the Zelda franchise, Tears of the Kingdom but I know for a fact we have staff firmly in that cross section, which is why I am kicking off the 283rd edition of the Nine Circles Playlist not with my picks, but with Dan K’s. You’re welcome, Dan. I hope you’re playing your heart out today.

From there we kick things off proper with new music from Danava and a quartet of “S” bands: Sunrot, Shodan, Sisyphean, and Sarmat. Then it’s brutal fun from the likes of Werewolves, Jesus Chrüsler Supercar, A Pregnant Light, Spectral Wound, Body Count, new music from Blackbraid, a classic Opeth track finally brought to life live, and of course the new Paul Cauthen. Plus more than a few surprises.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week…


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