Album Review: Cavernlight – “As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache”


It is always an exciting time when I get the opportunity to see if one of my more anticipated releases holds up to my expectations.  If you will recall, Cavernlight‘s debut full length, As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache, ended up on my list of such albums coming this year with high praise already thrown at it before even a note of music was heard.  Now that I’ve sat with the full album for some time, I can say without a doubt that this album did not let me down in the slightest. Continue reading

Gazing Into the Abyss – Vincent’s Anticipated Albums of 2017


After the astounding year for music that was 2016, at least in my humble opinion, it seems hard to imagine anything in the coming year topping the best of what I heard last year. Yet already there are numerous albums teased that signal another great time for music ahead of us. Keep your 2016 favorites (and your 2015 favorites, and 2014, and 2013…) spinning, but don’t forget to keep an eye on the horizon. If you need some guidance, below are five albums that are coming out in the new year that I am excited for. Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Cavernlight and Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome back to Receiving the Evcharist. Since this is going to be published on Friday, I would like to say that I hope my American friends and family reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully when this goes live I will be stuffed with turkey and apple pie, and halfway to Death Valley for a weekend long camping trip. For now though, it’s Wednesday night and I’m enjoying the calm before the storm of cooking that will take place tomorrow afternoon.  What’s on the table tonight? The Metal: Cavernlight’s Corporeal. The Booze: Uinta Brewing Company’s Dubhe Imperial Black IPA.

Continue reading

Concert Review: Migration Fest, Part 1


Now that the dust has had time to settle over the past few weeks, I’m ready to start recounting the incredible experience that was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest for Migration Fest. Now, please keep in mind that the title this post is misleading. Calling this a ‘review’ may not be accurate. That would imply that there could have been some negative aspects of Migration weekend… and that just isn’t reality. No, this far better categorized as a recount. Or better yet, a praising. You may have also noticed that this is referenced as ‘Part 1’. I’ll cover Thursday (in part) and Friday here, and then offer my highlights of the other days… eventually. I didn’t feel like writing, not bombarding you, with about 2500 words of reading material in one sitting. You’re welcome.  Continue reading