Receiving the Evcharist: Cavernlight and Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Receiving the Evcharist

Welcome back to Receiving the Evcharist. Since this is going to be published on Friday, I would like to say that I hope my American friends and family reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully when this goes live I will be stuffed with turkey and apple pie, and halfway to Death Valley for a weekend long camping trip. For now though, it’s Wednesday night and I’m enjoying the calm before the storm of cooking that will take place tomorrow afternoon.  What’s on the table tonight? The Metal: Cavernlight’s Corporeal. The Booze: Uinta Brewing Company’s Dubhe Imperial Black IPA.

The Metal: Cavernlight‘s Corporeal 

It seems odd to say that I count a band that has only released four songs among some of my favorite doom metal, yet I stand by this statement; Cavernlight’s Corporeal demo is one of my go-to albums when I am in the mood for doom because it gives me everything that I look for in my doom. Crushingly slow tempos, atmospheric guitar chords, and a strong sense of melody drive these songs, yet what is most interesting on Corporeal is the introduction of noise elements in the compositions. From simple droning background tones to harsher fuzz, the use of keys and electronics serve to give depth to the songs on Corporeal and give Cavernlight a fresh feel that separates it from most other doom I have sampled. I was very upset to have been unable to see the band play at the Migration Fest pre-show, but those who were able told me the band put on quite the live performance and that the new songs being written top the best on their demo. For now I’ll have to console myself by rewinding my tape and giving this another listen.

The Booze: Uinta Brewing Company‘s Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Uinta Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Black IPA’s are a style that I do not see utilized often, but they are so interesting that I always pick them up whenever I see one. They combine everything I enjoy about dark beer with the hoppy bite that I love from IPA’s. So it was on a spur of the moment trip to a liquor store I decided to try Uinta’s Dubhe Imperial Black IPA. Truthfully, when I went to the store I was actually looking for a different beer from Uinta, but I am pleased that I got this instead. Dubhe is a wonderfully balanced beer for something with as many big flavors as it packs. The beer is touted as being brewed with hemp seeds; I am not sure what this does to the flavor profile, not being an aficionado of hemp seeds, but good on Uinta for utilizing a highly sustainable crop. What I do taste from the brew is a perfect balance of bright and dark: deep caramel malts cut with the piney bitterness of the hop forward finish. Add in a rich body and a whopping 9.2% ABV and you’ve got a beer that I’ll be coming back to whenever and wherever I find it.

Today we lined up both a beer and an album that balance light and dark. This holiday, for many, is a balance of light and dark as well; the pleasure of feasting with those you love versus having to spend time with family members you would rather avoid. I’m happy that I’m having a small, quiet Thanksgiving this year, and I certainly hope that for anyone celebrating that is reading this that your Thanksgiving was more light than dark. And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope your Thursday went great and you have a wonderful weekend.

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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