Initial Descent: March 18, 2016

convulse band 2016

Another Friday is upon us! Leading the charge with this week’s new releases are Finnish legends Convulse! The band’s new album, Cycle of Revenge, comes just two-and-a-half years since after their last effort, Evil Prevails — which is kinda nice since they’d waited almost 20 years between albums before that. It’s a very un-Convulse-sounding record, but worth giving a spin all the same. We’ve also got new stuff from The BodyDecrepit Soul and a whole host of others dropping today, so let’s not waste any more time. Here’s what’s on tap for Friday, March 18:
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Album Review: Chthe’ilist – “Le Dernier Crépuscule”

chtheilist le dernier crepuscule

Death metal has many, many schools. There are literally dozens of sub-genres. So, to get at the roots of the genre, there are a few distinct sounds of the old school. We will call them the foundational sounds. Sadly, the originators of death metal are hardly as well known as some of the more depressingly nu-metal and metalcore sounding bands of the last fifteen years. Thankfully, bands like Chthe’ilist are seeking to change that by reinvigorating early sounds of death metal with all the fervor of the bands that started it. Fans of Demilich, Adramelech, Convulse, Demigod and Abhorrence (in that order) will be ecstatic over their debut LP Le Dernier Crépuscule. Continue reading

CANTO: A new Convulse track, Children of Bodom’s new guitarist, and more


I head to NYC tomorrow. That is all.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Nine Circles ov… FINLAND! (Round 2: The Mainstream)

flag finland

Greetings! I hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend as much as we did. But now that we are back in the full swing of things, it’s time to pick up where we left off one week ago exactly. You may recall our write-up on Finland last week, where we introduced you to a slew of quality (albeit obscure) bands out of the Scandinavian nation. That, however, was only the first round (The Kvlt) of our coverage on Finland. So, without any further delay, it’s time for Round 2: The Mainstream.

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Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – September 4, 2015

wake up and smell satan

Greetings pathetic mortals. As you sit in your cages and walk upon your putrid earth I sit upon my throne of judgment dealing death. But, for this brief moment I am here to indulge you in some death metal approved by Satan himself.

Today’s odorous selection comes to you by way of Nokia, Finland. A place I am well acquainted with due to my welcome amid the midst of its residents. Convulse are a band obsessed with blasphemy and evil. Thus, they are ripe for selection by our dark lord as a band in which all members of the Black Horde should be well versed. World Without God is a blaspheming critique of what you call “religion” and the “God” that you think watches over you and protects you. He does not. You are all fools. Fools awaiting the guillotine of time.

Enjoy. For death is nearer than you think.

According to your confined outlook
I’m punished into the mud
You think no-one could be right
Except you and your God

Who are you to give punishments
And tell who is right?
Who are you to preach
Profligacy of life?

I would accept your religion
If you could hold it yourself
Don’t try to offer your visions
Because I have my owns

I suppose it’s hard to be religious
When life can offer more
Don’t despise those who live in sin
Because they only enjoy life

– Ritual Grim