How Not to Do it: “Put in Work and Watch Your Status Escalate”

OK, so you’ve read all of my columns up until now. You have an album coming out in the next couple of months and you’re now convinced to hire a publicist. You’re all set right? Not quite. Once you hire a publicist there are still some do’s and dont’s you need to be aware of. I will go over a few of these in this column. Continue reading

How not to do it: A Few Things To Avoid


OK, so you’ve finally taken my advice and decided to hire a publicist, you now know that this is the best way for you to increase your visibility. So to help you with this big step I’ve compiled a few things you may want to avoid in search of a publicist. Continue reading

How Not To Do It: “Not Everyone Likes Your Album (deal with it)”


Don’t be like Sad-Bastian Bach

One of the jobs of a PR person is soliciting publications to review the albums that are released by our clients. While lots of places will only review music if they like it, many publications will just run a review even if it is not so favorable to the musician. As someone who has been doing this for a few years, I expect both good and poor reviews to come through. I know that not everyone will like the music that I represent. This is all part of the job for me. However, not all musicians realize this. Continue reading

Profile: Curtis Dewar of Dewar PR

curtis dewar and child

We must note that this profile was mailed to Curtis and completed before he became a part of the Nine Circles crew. Curtis is such a good guy who works so  tirelessly for mostly unsigned bands we figured, what the heck, let’s run the profile anyways and let him get a bit more exposure for his Canadian attitude and niceties. So, you probably know Curtis already from his work at Dewar PR, his writing for himself (and other sites) and, of course, his brilliant work for Nine Circles. So without further ado, here’s Curtis. Continue reading

How Not to Do It: “DIY PR”

OK, so this month I want to go over a few things that I have witnessed in the past few weeks that are major mistakes from bands who are attempting to promote themselves. I’ve probably gone over these in the past, but want to go over them again in the hopes that some more people read this and knock it off. Continue reading