Premiere: Dewar PR: “Winter 2017 Compilation”

Dewar PR Winter 2017 Compilation

Everyone loves compilations and particularly when said compilations include great metal from established bands and new ones alike. As of today, Dewar PR is releasing their Winter 2017 Compilation that features twelve tracks from bands the company has worked with over the last few years, including an exclusive demo.  Head inside for a stream and full details. Continue reading

How Not To Do It: Press Kits

Stryper Press Kit - How Not To Do It

Press kits have changed drastically over the years, remember the days of kits like the one seen above? In today’s age of lightning fast contact press kits have been forced to change to fit multiple platforms and knowing how to create and properly utilize them is extremely important if you want your music heard while making the biggest (instant) impact possible. I’m trying something a little different this month, in lieu of a written piece you get to hear me talk. But if you’re a band working on your latest, greatest album and want to send it out properly take the 4 minutes and change to listen up, it might net you bigger coverage. Continue reading

How Not To Do It – Don’t Switch Publicists

How Not to Do it
This band did not follow the arrow.

Hey everyone, long time no talk! It’s been a few months since I last posted anything here, but I am back and will (hopefully) be back on my once a month posting schedule. This month I want to talk about something that recently happened to me that I had previously never experienced: I got hired back in October to run a 1 month campaign for a group that was releasing their first album in a few years. The release date was only a few weeks away, but I was confident I could run a good campaign in that time period, due to the quality of the material. Continue reading

How Not to Do It -Submitting to a Record Label

joe sharino band casual

OK so you’ve decided you want to stop self-releasing and get on a label. You’ve produced an amazing album and you *know* without a doubt that it’s a classic. You have the perfect art, you have some snazzy band photos and now you have no idea what to do next. This is a conundrum that most bands will go through at some point. Continue reading

How Not To Do It: Social Media feat. Allfather, Castle Freak and The Glorious Rebellion


The past few columns I’ve berated you on the different ways that bands fuck up  their PR and general promotion. This time around, I figured I would talk to a few bands that I personally think do it right when it comes to social media: Allfather, Castle Freak and The Glorious Rebellion. All three I personally met due to social media and I think that you can learn a lot from each of them.  They are all active on Facebook and Twitter and I highly recommend you follow their accounts and the advice they give. Continue reading