How Not To Do It – Don’t Switch Publicists

How Not to Do it
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Hey everyone, long time no talk! It’s been a few months since I last posted anything here, but I am back and will (hopefully) be back on my once a month posting schedule. This month I want to talk about something that recently happened to me that I had previously never experienced: I got hired back in October to run a 1 month campaign for a group that was releasing their first album in a few years. The release date was only a few weeks away, but I was confident I could run a good campaign in that time period, due to the quality of the material.

Long story short: I ran a pretty good campaign with some good placements (including one on this very website) but the moment our contract expired the client hired another publicist without telling me. Why? Who knows. What I can tell you however is that bringing another publicist in when your album is about to be released is incredibly stupid as A) it’s going to confuse people and B) no publicist is going to be able to get much more traction for your campaign when your album is already out. The other publicist in question should have known better than to accept the client, but for whatever reason (needed the cash?) took on the campaign even though he knew someone else was already running it.

Yes, there are always going to be circumstances when you will be able to get some traction after an album is released, but usually this is not the case. Most websites/blogs and magazines will only review albums prior to release and not after. This is a general rule that most follow. Again, there are exceptions to this rule but generally this is not the case.

The right way to do it is to have your campaign run from beginning to end with one publicist (two is fine if you have one in North America and the other in Europe) and preferably 6-8 weeks prior to release. Having more than one publicist on the same album is generally pointless as most will have the same contacts and you will be doubling up with two people requesting interviews and reviews from the same sites (and you’ll end up paying double the price for no increase in results).

If you are planning on releasing an album, please get in touch and I will be more than happy to discuss a possible campaign with you. You can reach me via Facebook.

– Curtis

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