Rainbows in the Dark: Circulatory Garden — “Primordial Circulation”

Welcome back, dear reader!  It’s been a few weeks of year end posts around these parts (if you haven’t listened to Dan and Chris’ excellent and exhaustive podcast episode, please do yourself a favor and check that out first), but we’re back, cracking open a fresh new year that promises to be chock full of some seriously good non-metal releases.  First up, we have quite an interesting listen from the wild ether, courtesy of the enigmatic dark ambient artist Circulatory Garden and their cinematic, mega-creepy EP Primordial Circulation.  Hop below the cut to get started on a wild journey.

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Rainbows in the Dark: Llyn Y Cwn — “Dinorwic”

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to use the Rainbows platform to branch out of my comfort zone, so I tried dipping my toe in ambient waters, much to my pleasure (read about it here, if you want).  This time, feeling slightly more confident that I know what I’m talking about, I’m back with another Coldspring artist and some more interesting mood setting ambience, this time courtesy of Llyn Y Cwn and the dark ambient naturescapes they’ve crafted on Dinorwic.  This is Rainbows in the Dark, bringing you the best of all things non-metal and metal adjacent. Continue reading

Video Premiere: GRIDFAILURE – “It Feeds On Negative Energy”


New York’s dark ambient, experimental GRIDFAILURE released their second full length, Irritum, last month on the band’s second anniversary. But in that two year span they’ve amassed quite the catalog of dark and apocalyptic yet challenging releases which all started with the cannibalistic and off kilter nature of debut full length Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here. After much experimentation, Irritum is an altogether more cohesive mass of noise driven rhythms that illicit an overwhelming sense of dread and paranoia. Tasty stuff to be sure. Today we’re excited to bring you the video premiere of third track “It Feeds On Negative Energy” so head inside to check it out. Continue reading

Rainbows in the Dark: Common Eider, King Eider – “Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside”

common eider king eider shrines

Welcome to what is certainly the article with the longest title ever featured on this site.  I doubt I’ll be seeing a trophy in the mail for this any time soon, but I digress.  We always delve into dark music here at Nine Circles through our exploration of various forms of extreme metal, but Rainbows in the Dark gives me a chance to explore a different kind of darkness, and there is hardly a better vehicle than Common Eider, King Eider‘s new album, an imposing slab of dark ambient music.  Continue reading