Video Premiere: GRIDFAILURE – “It Feeds On Negative Energy”


New York’s dark ambient, experimental GRIDFAILURE released their second full length, Irritum, last month on the band’s second anniversary. But in that two year span they’ve amassed quite the catalog of dark and apocalyptic yet challenging releases which all started with the cannibalistic and off kilter nature of debut full length Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here. After much experimentation, Irritum is an altogether more cohesive mass of noise driven rhythms that illicit an overwhelming sense of dread and paranoia. Tasty stuff to be sure. Today we’re excited to bring you the video premiere of third track “It Feeds On Negative Energy” so head inside to check it out.


Before we get to the video, mastermind, sole member and sole creator David Brenner had this to say about the track:

“My initial inspiration for the song came from Paranormal Activity, where the homeowners are informed that a demon is present and it ‘feeds off of negative energy.’ I liked the fact that this torturous, ominous supernatural entity was physically attacking the family based on the actual negativity inside of them; in this case, myself being the ‘it’ which feeds on the negativity. However, when you break into the world of physics and actual energy, negative energy is a theory on how the universe’s entire existence could have spawned from nothing, where positive and negative always revert to zero. In that sense, GRIDFAILURE is the force that reverts us all back to nothing when the lights go out in a true meltdown of the world’s power grids.”

As you can both hear and see, GRIDFAILURE does a fantastic job of creating horrific atmospheres full of, as previously mentioned, dread and paranoia. The panic inducing splatter shot scenes of woods, sky and dark images set to a jagged noise-drone complete with guttural moans is a truly terrifying package but also one that digs deep into the nether regions of the brain and forces the listener to surrender all control. And that’s been the point of GRIDFAILURE from the start but here, and on the entirety of Irritum, it all comes together as a tremendously cohesive yet strangely soothing package. Call me crazy but it hits a sweet spot.

For the first time ever, the band has booked a set of shows May 2 in Montclair, New Jersey and May 4 in Providence, Rhode Island. Both shows will be in support of Zud on their The Springtime In The Abyss Tour. More details on that here.

Irritum is available now on Bandcamp with physical copies coming in the near future. For more information and to keep up to date with all things GRIDFAILURE visit their Facebook page.

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