Video Premiere: GRIDFAILURE – “It Feeds On Negative Energy”


New York’s dark ambient, experimental GRIDFAILURE released their second full length, Irritum, last month on the band’s second anniversary. But in that two year span they’ve amassed quite the catalog of dark and apocalyptic yet challenging releases which all started with the cannibalistic and off kilter nature of debut full length Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here. After much experimentation, Irritum is an altogether more cohesive mass of noise driven rhythms that illicit an overwhelming sense of dread and paranoia. Tasty stuff to be sure. Today we’re excited to bring you the video premiere of third track “It Feeds On Negative Energy” so head inside to check it out. Continue reading

Nine Circles ov…a 9C Review Preview (aka my Vacation Playlist)

9C metal vacation playlist

That’s right, folks…in a few short hours I will be on a plane and getting out of this god forsaken hell hole where it’s already stating to snow AGAIN and heading South for warmer climes, cooler waters, and copious amounts of alcohol – copious in this instance meaning maybe 1-2 drinks since I’m old and sleepy and my liver won’t stand for much more than that at this point.

But fear not!  Our lovely editor has made sure I am not forgoing my Nine Circles duties, and has loaded me up with  a ton of music to start digesting so when I get back I can get back to sharing what’s hot, what’s not, and what’ll curl your toes with glee or disgust (who am I to judge?).  So for this edition of Nine Circles ov… I give you a purview of a few things on my radar over the next few weeks.  Does this seem like a quick ploy to bang a column out before I leave for vacation?  Sure!  Does it matter?  You be the judge!     Continue reading

Profile: Danny Sher of Horse Torso

Horse Torso
Horse Torso

We’ve talked before about how chance emails in our inbox can lead to amazing discoveries and an email from Danny Sher, mastermind and drummer, for Brooklyn based experimental group Horse Torso was one such mind bending discovery. This instrumental band also features Baroness bassist Nick Jost and guitarists Will Chapin and Andrew Smiley — together, they offer up a dissonant platter of jazzy, intense and highly improvisational noise rock. Being a fan of jazz and all sorts of experimental music myself, I can honestly say this band challenges me in ways many others can only dream of and I thoroughly enjoy each and every chance I get to try and unravel the mysteries contained in the eight tracks that grace debut full length Wolf Who Cried Boy. The album was released last October and we recently had the chance to ask Danny our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say and be sure to support the band via Bandcamp.

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