Rainbows in the Dark: Tanner Garza + Funeral Parlor – “Dark Days”

Tanner Garza Funeral Party Dark Days

Welcome to another edition of Rainbows in the Dark, the column where we talk about things that we love that don’t fall under the metal umbrella.  Rest assured that the album we will be exploring is still heavy, just a different kind of heavy.  Today brings us new sounds in the form of Dark Days, a collaboration between Texas based experimental musicians Tanner Garza and Funeral Parlor.   Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: The Pod – “Lifegiver” & Interview With Scott Endres (The Pod, MAKE)

The Pod - The Pod

Nine Circles is extremely pleased to announce that North Carolina’s The Pod will be releasing their upcoming album, titled The Pod, June 2 via Accident Prone Records. In anticipation of that release, we have an exclusive preview of the fourth track from the new album titled “Lifegiver.” And on top of all that we also have an interview with The Pod’s mastermind Scott Endres. More than enough reason for excitement (and we are very excited), so dive right in to get the details. Continue reading

Rainbows in the Dark: Interview Edition – Nick Skouras

Nick Skouras
Nick Skouras

It’s been a long while since we here at Nine Circles have visited the off metal realms of Rainbows in the Dark. But we haven’t forgotten that great music resides everywhere and for today’s edition we sat down with guitarist extraordinaire and all around music aficionado Nick Skouras. Skouras is one of those examples of an extremely talented musician that should, by all accounts, be larger than life in terms of popularity. His music spans everything from rock, blues, jazz, pop, experimental, jam, and yes even a touch of metal. And, as you will read, his whole life has centered around music and talented musicians so he gets it as honest as a lifetime of hard work. If there ever was a musician/guitarist with no bounds or limits, Skouras is exactly that, in spades. There’s plenty of album/song streams contained within so you can get acquainted but the stories he tells are nothing short of amazing. So, read on after the jump and get ready to have yourself a new favorite artist.

Continue reading

Album Review: Inter Arma – “Paradise Gallows”

Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows

Paradise Gallows, Inter Arma‘s third full length, finds this five piece from Virginia in the finest form of their 10 year career. Crushing, soaring, scathing, and emotive are all applicable adjective. But inventive song craft and staying power also applies as the runtime here just edges out Sky Burial. This is notable as both of these, and additionally their debut, keep the listener thoroughly entertained and completely engaged from start to finish. This is no small feat for a band that straddles doom, death, sludge, and black metal but Inter Arma make this smorgasbord look easy, yet again. Continue reading

Album Review: Ethereal Riffian – “I AM. Deathless” (EP)


Ethereal Riffian, despite constructing an incredibly unique doom metal sound over the past five years or so, have managed to stay completely off my radar until now. And what the Ukranian doomers have brought to the table with I AM. Deathless is a fascinatingly psychedelic doom metal sound that cleverly challenges our understanding of the genre without sounding forced. They make their point sonically, but at only two tracks we are definitely left with a lingering curiosity about how this could be expanded. Which, for an EP, is a good thing. Continue reading