Album Premiere: Nest – “Metempsychosis”

Nest - Metempsychosis

When the first lyric on an album is “suicide,” the term nihilistic has truly found its place. And even more so when the music surrounding it is a heap of distorted and downright nasty doom metal. Such is the case with Kentucky’s Nest on their debut full length Metempsychosis. The album is nine tracks of hopelessness, despair and total contempt for the world as we know it. And unlike most doom albums, the entire runtime here is 30 minutes and some change — lean and mean for this genre. Simply put, it makes its point quickly but sticks with you long after the last note rings out. Metempsychosis will be out tomorrow via Sludgelord Records but today we have the pleasure of premiering it in full for your listening enjoyment.  Continue reading

Album Premiere: The Divided Line – “Paramnesia” (EP)

The Divided Line - Paramnesia

After a handful of singles and a brief hiatus, Toronto’s The Divided Line return tomorrow with their debut EP Paramnesia. Instantly apparent is just how much this self-imposed hiatus has paid off as their brand of progressive and melodic rock is tighter and more focused than ever. The influence of late 90s and early 2000s hard rock radio is strong but the band’s commanding approach and moving lyrics make this an EP you don’t want to miss. And to that point, we have a full stream just ahead of tomorrow’s release. Head inside to take a listen and hit the links contained for your own copy. Continue reading

Album Premiere: Apathy Noir – “Black Soil”

Apathy Noir - Black Soil

Progressive death / doom band Apathy Noir, the solo project of Viktor Jonas, is back in 2018 with their fourth full length album, Black Soil. Residing in a similar headspace as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, to a point, Apathy Noir has brought a larger focus on atmosphere and the funereal aspect. And this time around, Jonas has enlisted the vocal assistance of Adam Walmsley (Twilight’s Embrace, Beyond Grace) to add yet another element to the Apathy Noir project. Black Soil will see its official release tomorrow. Today, however, we are thrilled to bring you a full album stream to whet the appetite. So, head inside for a listen to this amazingly gloomy album. Continue reading

Premiere: Dewar PR: “Winter 2017 Compilation”

Dewar PR Winter 2017 Compilation

Everyone loves compilations and particularly when said compilations include great metal from established bands and new ones alike. As of today, Dewar PR is releasing their Winter 2017 Compilation that features twelve tracks from bands the company has worked with over the last few years, including an exclusive demo.  Head inside for a stream and full details. Continue reading

Premier: Domestikwom – “Dekulakization”

domestikwom - a peace that destroys

If you’ve read any of the guest posts Jonathan Petkau has done for Nine Circles, you know he’s a man of many hats.  Whether he’s chronicling the adventures of a cow trapped in space with his Spacekau synthwave project, keeping the #metalbandcampgiftclub community alive and well, or even podcasting about nerdy interests with like-minded metal nerds, his passion for all genres of metal is both intense and bonafide.  Nowhere is that more evident than with Domestikwom, his black metal project that’s set to release its debut full length A Peace That Destroys next month.  In advance of that Nine Circles is fired up to premier the first track off the album, the engulfing “Dekulakization.”    Continue reading