Premiere: Dewar PR: “Winter 2017 Compilation”

Dewar PR Winter 2017 Compilation

Everyone loves compilations and particularly when said compilations include great metal from established bands and new ones alike. As of today, Dewar PR is releasing their Winter 2017 Compilation that features twelve tracks from bands the company has worked with over the last few years, including an exclusive demo.  Head inside for a stream and full details. Continue reading

Premier: Domestikwom – “Dekulakization”

domestikwom - a peace that destroys

If you’ve read any of the guest posts Jonathan Petkau has done for Nine Circles, you know he’s a man of many hats.  Whether he’s chronicling the adventures of a cow trapped in space with his Spacekau synthwave project, keeping the #metalbandcampgiftclub community alive and well, or even podcasting about nerdy interests with like-minded metal nerds, his passion for all genres of metal is both intense and bonafide.  Nowhere is that more evident than with Domestikwom, his black metal project that’s set to release its debut full length A Peace That Destroys next month.  In advance of that Nine Circles is fired up to premier the first track off the album, the engulfing “Dekulakization.”    Continue reading

Video Premier: Zero Fire – “Ghosts”

Zero Fire - Ghosts Artwork

Zero Fire is a Canadian hard rock / metal band that has much in common with 90s hard rock. Influences from Deftones, Tool and many others from that timeframe can be heard in their groove and hard hitting yet melodic riffing but also in the soaring vocals. In 2016 the band was nominated for a Hamilton Music Award off the strength of their self-titled EP and last week they released the single Ghosts which strongly builds on the EP’s momentum. Today, Zero Fire is premiering the Halloween inspired video for this single with us so stick around to check it out for yourself. Continue reading

Video Premier: Monophonic Shooting Spree – “Launch”

MSS - another soylant green world

When we think of “extreme” music we tend to focus on things that are distinctly metallic:  the faster and louder and more abrasive it is, the more extreme is it.  Erik Highter has for years made a habit of exploring the other, less covered sides of extreme music: whether in dialog with Craig Hayes in their sporadic but always engaging Outré Monde series, or by way of his experimental musical persona The Monophonic Shooting Spree.  Often using his own body in conjunction with pedals, natural recordings, and other effects to construct layered soundscapes, a similar methodology in the use of public domain footage is employed in his first video experiment.

Check out the premier of “Launch” from Another Soylant Green World below…   Continue reading

Premier: Moonlight Prophecy – “Escape the Ruins”

Moonlight Prophecy - Vanquished

Power / thrash metallers Moonlight Prophecy have announced November 10 as the release date for their debut full length Vanquished which comes mere months on the heels of their EP Eternal Oblivion. And today we have a premiere of “Escape the Ruins” which is a picture perfect jump off point to acquaint yourself with the band at their best. Speeding locomotive thrash meets towering vocals and the epic arrangements of power metal packed tightly in just over four minutes. Enough spoilers though, head inside to hear the track and for more details. Continue reading