Video Premiere: Scars of the Flesh — “Chant For Ezkaton”

It’s October and officially fall; time for the veil between the dead and the living to go extremely thin, and time for some new Scars of the Flesh…FINALLY! This Texas based melodic black / death metal band will be releasing their third full length, In Darkness Alone on November 18, but today Nine Circles is proud to bring you the lyric video premiere of “Chant For Ezkaton” which as you all know is a Behemoth cover off their 1999 album Satanica. Just as Behemoth did, Scars of the Flesh absolutely crush it and somehow make it their own, but we already knew they would. Give it a watch and listen directly below.

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Video Premiere: Ataraxia — “Nevenhir”

Welcome to September, everyone. Let’s kick off the new month, and begin the transition to fall, on a high note. Later this month, the 21st specifically, Ataraxia will unveil their latest album, Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals. The 28th(!!!) album from the Italian neoclassical darkwave veterans will be released through The Circle Music, and today Nine Circles is proud to bring you the video for the first new material from that album, titled “Nevenhir.” Give it a watch and listen directly below.

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Video Premiere: Suffocater — “Plague”

Suffocater unveiled their new album, Rotting Existence, just this past Friday, and today it is our pleasure to follow that up with a premiere of their new video for “Plague”. The third track from that collection is a dense, bludgeoning display that leaves its mark without wasting a second of the concise runtime. Meanwhile, the visual component proves to be equally as compelling, adding a layer that expands the experience in a number of directions. But you know how this works… Don’t take my word for it. Give it a watch immediately after the jump.

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Video Premiere: Anova Skyway — “Translucent”

Image courtesy of Anthem In Art Photography

On July 15, Houston, TX based Anova Skyway will be releasing an EP titled Reset, but today we’re excited to bring you their second single, “Translucent,” in video format. As with their previous releases, this is emotive and explosive progressive metal that is not only engrossing but incredibly memorable. Nine Circles is proud to unveil this video premiere immediately below.

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Video Premiere: Mortal Thrall — “A Path To Fire”

mortal thrall video

After so many post-gaze projects, it’s refreshing to hear a band veer away from the typical tenets of a slowly tiring sub-genre. A Path To Fire, the debut from Nashville’s Mortal Thrall, opts to take the post-black elements we’re familiar with and wrap them in far-ranging layers, whether it be classical harmonies from the Baroque period or modern electronic synth to add tonal punctuations to their fierce sound. Today Nine Circles is honored to premiere the video for the album’s title track, so check it out below.

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