Video Premiere: Suffocater — “Plague”

Suffocater unveiled their new album, Rotting Existence, just this past Friday, and today it is our pleasure to follow that up with a premiere of their new video for “Plague”. The third track from that collection is a dense, bludgeoning display that leaves its mark without wasting a second of the concise runtime. Meanwhile, the visual component proves to be equally as compelling, adding a layer that expands the experience in a number of directions. But you know how this works… Don’t take my word for it. Give it a watch immediately after the jump.

For just a little bit of background, Suffocater is a 3-piece metal/hardcore project that came together in the summer of 2021 in Salt Lake City through an overlapping appreciation of heavier music, noting influences from the likes of Eyehategod, Genocide Pact, and Portrayal of Guilt. But to put things a little more simply, and bluntly, this shit is my jam. The sludgy quality to their hardcore foundation is addicting as hell, and I really appreciate how the depth of their sound is not at all compromised given the tight runtime of the nine tracks on Rotting Existence (eating up less than half an hour in total).

The video for this track specifically is deserving of some commentary as well. It’s a jarring assortment of clips and images, focusing primarily on the darker side of our existence and emotions, while still offering some respite in the glimpses of our natural world. However, the recurring black and white scenes of the young child supplemented with the static breaks throughout create an environment that is as haunting as it anything else. I appreciate the video simply for what it is, but I absolutely love what it brings to this listening experience. It takes things to an entirely new level.

Photo courtesy of Landon Hale

To wrap things up, I’ll remind everyone that Rotting Existence is out now on all digital streaming platforms, and a tape release is planned for later this year. Better yet, it’s a “name your price” offering over at Bandcamp, so you know what to do from here. And of course, be sure to give Suffocater a follow on the socials to keep up to date on all future happenings.

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