Video Premiere: Autumn Tears — “Of Wind, Water and Sand”

We’ve only just transitioned into the new year, and we’re already mixing things up here at Nine Circles. On March 24th, neoclassical veterans Autumn Tears are releasing Guardian of the Pale, their ninth studio album, through The Circle Music. And today we’re excited to bring you the music video for the third single from that album, “Of Wind, Water and Sand. Give it a watch and listen immediately below, and you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to get lost in the soundscapes Autumn Tears are bringing forward on this album.

It probably goes without saying, but the fully orchestrated Autumn Tears ensemble comes together brilliantly here. The overall atmosphere of this track is unquestionably epic, but it’s also masterfully structured in a way that allows each and every note to continuously add to the natural peacefulness of this music’s foundation. It’s an efficient runtime at five minutes, but what Autumn Tears accomplishes, and the layers they so organically create in those few minutes, is truly impressive. They deliver an energy that is as mesmerizing as it is beautiful. Guardian of the Pale is an extensive listen, but these few minutes effectively encapsulate the essence and the diversity within this latest Autumn Tears album.

Building off that, and having had a chance to listen to Guardian of the Pale in full recently, I’ll note that it would be a wise decision to keep this one on your radar as March 24th approaches. To get more of an idea of what’s to come, give “As If We Were Never There” and “The Pulse In The Sky” a listen while you’re at it. In fact, that latter track features Francesca Nicoli of Ataraxia, a project we’ve featured here as well. As a reminder, Guardian of the Pale will be out through The Circle Music, and can be pre-ordered here.

And now back to your regularly scheduled death metal (probably).

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