Video Premiere: Anova Skyway — “Translucent”

Image courtesy of Anthem In Art Photography

On July 15, Houston, TX based Anova Skyway will be releasing an EP titled Reset, but today we’re excited to bring you their second single, “Translucent,” in video format. As with their previous releases, this is emotive and explosive progressive metal that is not only engrossing but incredibly memorable. Nine Circles is proud to unveil this video premiere immediately below.

As heard, “Translucent” finds an incredible balance between the emotional and heavier side of progressive metal. And whether popular opinion decides to lump this newly minted lineup under progressive rock or metal matters none, it has enough of both to keep all sides happy. It’s easy to see that Mike Palacios’ shift from guitars to vocals was an excellent choice as he takes the vocal side to heights the band is just now able to explore and his ability to shift from soaring cleans to furious aggression are unmatched in the band’s discography. The band commented on their recent lineup shift: “Mike has completely blown us away with where he’s taken the vocal performances and we can’t wait to bring this new version of Anova. We have a new vocalist, a new guitarist, and a new keyboardist. I wouldn’t say there is a huge departure from our previous style, but those new elements alone make for a brand new sound! We’re excited to bring it to the world.”

The band also commented on the upcoming Reset EP: “There is no major story concept this time but there is a lyric from one of the songs that resonates with us, ‘A sight for the sorest of eyes, the loneliest of gloom. It’s high time our planets collided and carried us to our doom.’ With this in mind, and with the current global climate, and the changes made within the band, Reset seemed like the perfect title.” While they’ve been through a lot over the past few years with lineup changes, a pandemic that unseated album ideas as well as being in the same room together practicing, they’ve emerged a better and stronger band that sounds better than ever.

As a reminder, Reset will be available July 15 via the band’s Bandcamp page and from their official website. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to keep up with all things Anova Skyway.

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