Album Premiere: Unholy Desecration — “Unholy Horde”


Tomorrow, Unholy Desecration are releasing their debut full-length album to the world, Unholy Hordethrough Confused Records. Start to finish, it is a tremendous display of blackened death metal and is absolutely an album you won’t want to miss. And today, however, we are thrilled to share this beast of a record a little early and ensure it gets on your radar. Give it a listen, end to end, after the jump.

Formed back in 2017 in Texas, Unholy Desecration had only released an EP, titled Born of Evil, in 2018 prior to this year’s Unholy Horde. Regardless, these 10 tracks are plenty evidence that Unholy Desecration are fully capable of creating the type of blackened death metal that will appeal to both the immersed and casual fans of the genre. Brutal and punishing overall, there also exists a more melodic element that absolutely let’s these tracks take off. And on a personal note, being someone that has generally slid away from the death metal universe the last couple years, Unholy Horde was filled with plenty of captivating moments. Both catchy and technically impressive, this thing begged repeat listens throughout the last couple of days.


Anyway, you probably came for the music, not my words. So like I mentioned, Unholy Horde is officially out tomorrow on Confused Records. The album is available to pre-order here or pre-save here, if you haven’t taken that step already. And be sure to keep up with Unholy Desecration over on Facebook, they’ll be up to some big things in the near future, I’m sure.


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