Album Review: Municipal Waste — “Electrified Brain”

Of course we want to see bands push the boundaries with their music.  We love bands inventing whole new genres, pushing unlikely ones together or bringing their art to the next level, and even when a band takes a big swing and misses, we still give them kudos for trying.  We don’t want to see this from every band, though.  For some, the biggest strength is consistency.  If Amon Amarth ever made an album that wasn’t about Vikings, I think my world would turn upside down.  Similarly, Municipal Waste should never try to do anything other than Municipal Waste things, and fortunately, on Electrified Brain, they don’t.

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Concert Review: The Metal Tour of the Year, 5.12.2022

While The Metal Tour of the Year may have technically reached its conclusion a couple of weeks ago, and festival season is now upon us, there is no doubt that the dust is still settling in the aftermath of this massive event. Featuring the legendary Megadeth as headliners, this run of shows also included household names in Lamb of God, Trivium, and In Flames. Four of the most recognizable names in the metal world each bringing a different corner of the genre’s spectrum to this tour. Considering all we had missed since early 2020, this experience went a long way to welcoming back larger scale live music, and as a result will resonate many years into the future.

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Album Review: Demiricous – “III: Chaotic Lethal”

demiricous - chaotic lethal

Do we expect too much out of our metal? Or are we too easy on it? If a band comes in and executes on its mission statement, is that enough to make it great? If the music is derivative of other bands, albums, or styles, is it to be condemned? Or is it upholding a tradition and to be commended? I had all of these thoughts listening to III: Chaotic Lethal, the third album and first release from neo-thrash (man is that a sore genre label) outfit Demiricous in 15 years. I think the band does exactly what they want to do on this comeback album. It’s up to you to decide how that fits in your construct of metal and what you want out of it.

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Cryptosis’s Frank te Riet on “Bionic Swarm,” Metal in the Netherlands, Switching Names (and Direction), Soccer, and Much More!

Bionic Swarm, the debut from Cryptosis has become an early favorite for many of the staff at Nine Circles.  Jamming together old school thrash, progressive death metal, and a healthy dose of symphonic black metal in its arrangements, it’s the kind of debut that instantly slams into your skull and rewires your brain. 

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Receiving the Evcharist: False Gods and Smuttlabs’ Snaccident

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Hey all, happy Friday. I’m bringing this wonderful piece of content your way this week because I accidentally stumbled on some delicious local offerings recently that I felt the need to talk about. I’ve been listening to some new music as well… in between repeat listens of the latest from The Ocean and Enslaved. Obviously. Shall we quench our thirsts?

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