Album Review:  Wailin Storms — “The Silver Snake Unfolds”

A week prior to kicking off a US tour, gothic noise rockers Wailin Storms are coming in hot with their fourth full-length release, The Silver Snake Unfolds.  This album is an incredible addition to the band’s blooming discography.  Each song is diverse and brings something a little different to the table.  Some tracks are moody, dark, and angsty while others are lively, danceable, and, yes, angsty.  I mean… we are talking about a band with a heavy doom influence, so angst is to be expected.  Wailin Storms has a unique signature blend of southern gothic/psychedelic/doom/post-grunge/punk/rock and it shines very brightly in this release.

The Silver Snake Unfolds consists of eight diverse tracks that feel like the waves of a storm.  Some songs build with a quiet energy while others thunder and do not hold back.  The album opens with an eerie, reverberating electric guitar melody before rolling drums and vocalization is introduced.  Justin Storms’ sultry and soulful clean vocals enter with a kick and add dramatics giving the music a cinematic feel.  The first single released from The Silver Snake Unfolds was “Broken Into Three” which is a bouncier piece with more post-grunge influence.  It showcase’s Storms’ powerful vocals as well as Mark Oates’ skillful drumming that drive the track and generate a rockin’ energy.

Though it is hard to pick, I believe my favorite track of the album is “Concrete Covers Dead Lovers.”  The hypnotizing melody stuck with me long after listening.  It is one of the longer pieces on The Silver Snake Unfolds running just over six and a half minutes.  This runtime allows for some rise and fall which creates intrigue.  It begins very solemn, eventually picking up tempo and adding a grooviness that had me humming along.  This track has a more gothic vibe (both in sound and lyrics) with a hint of a swampy southern flair.  This album does not have any dull moments—even quieter interludes contain a vitality that keeps anticipation high and eventually satisfies with heavy guitar and accelerated rhythms.  

Wailin Storms

This was my first taste of Wailin Storms and I am so happy that this album caught my eye to review.  I will be diving back into the band’s discography because I cannot get enough of The Silver Snake Unfolds.  This album has me dreaming of autumn, conjuring images of bonfires on crisp nights and telling ghost stories under a full moon.  These tracks are enjoyable no matter the weather, but the vibes are delightfully gloomy with a hint of spook.  Each listen brought something new to my attention which gave me a deeper appreciation for the album.  The band seems to have perfected their craft with a diverse blend of influences.  Nothing feels out of place and the album works as a cinematic piece (without being overly dramatic) full of poetic lyrics and unique sounds.  I can say with certainty that The Silver Snake Unfolds will be making an appearance on my end of year list as I foresee many relistens ahead.  Light a bonfire (or some candles) to set the mood, and enjoy the latest release from these soulful sinners, Wailin Storms.

– Angela

The Silver Snake Unfolds will be available July 22 on Gilead Media.  For more information on Wailin Storms, visit their Facebook Page.

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