Premiere: Gargowitch — “Les doigts de lampée – De la merde, lacustre – Cannibal troten”

On April 9th, Gargowitch will release their first two demos, Avidee and Cannibal Troten, on physical format for the first time. The French atmospheric black/doom/noise hybrid project has teamed up with Devoted Art Propaganda to release 100 copies of each on CD. Today, Nine Circles is excited to premiere the first track from Cannibal Troten, titled “Les doigts de lampée – De la merde, lacustre – Cannibal troten“. Give the mind-numbing 20-minute ride a listen immediately after the jump. I promise, it is an absolute trip.

This adventure is raw, unpolished, jarring, and above everything else, dark. Broken into defined segments, “Les doigts de lampée – De la merde, lacustre – Cannibal troten” finds a way to align concepts that wouldn’t seem otherwise logical, or even possible. While at the same time, it’s hard to stop listening to this thing because of the more familiar moments that emerge throughout. Regular, albeit varied, appearances of the elements that make black and doom metal entrancing allow this to move along relatively effortlessly. Considering how aggressively these 20 minutes are pushed, there’s a certain level of enticement within the jagged edges that keep you stuck within the passages — a realized curiosity of what lies beyond each twist and turn. As one dark corridor only leads to another, the minutes simply melt away. Needless to say, the complexity here leaves a unique craving for more, and it’s quite clear that each listen will deliver a completely different experience. It may seem like a challenge to commit to this endeavor in the early moments, but once you do, becoming engrossed in its depths is inevitable.

Formed in 2018, the Gargowitch discography, which has been completely self-released to this point, includes the two demos highlighted here, released in 2019, as well as a full-length from last year. The physical releases of Avidee and Cannibal Troten are available for pre-order through this form, and be sure to keep in touch with Devoted Art Propaganda through their website.

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