Initial Descent: September 24 – 30, 2017

Archgoat 1

Saturday is synonymous around here with new metal but if you’ve been following along you know that already. This week was long and slow so I need this as much as you do, thankfully there’s a multitude to get to this week so let’s get after it. Leading the charge is our favorite Finns, ARCHGOAT, with their quick hitter Eternal Damnation of Christ. Two songs of black metal damnation…what? You’re worried about it only being two songs? It’ll be the best two songs of the week, period. Next up is the heavyweights of noise rock Unsane with Sterilize, it’s been five long years but this bludgeoning is worth the wait. Moving on is the monolithically inclined Monolord with their all killer-no filler doom metal on Rust and closing out the top slots is the wickedly nasty doom/black/death debut Cosmos Comedenti from Antiversum. Just because we’re done with the initial volley doesn’t mean we’re actually finished — far from it. So grab a chair and stay awhile, we have much to explore. Continue reading

Profile: Phil of Debemur Morti Productions

Just a few of the recent releases from Debemur Morti Production you can stream and purchase over at their Bandcamp page.

Debemur Morti  Productions is one of the harder working labels in extreme metal. While maintaining day jobs, the people behind the label manage to put out a remarkable amount of music from hard-to-find bands and underground acts from around the globe. Since they might be some of the only people in the music industry working as hard as us (and maybe for the same amount of no money) we figured it was high time we sat down and had a chat. So follow the jump for some words from Phil! Continue reading

Album Review: Au Champ Des Morts – “Le Jour Se Lève”

Artwork by Dehn Sora

With influences across the board, yet black metal at its core, it’s not surprise that we sit here writing about Au Champ Des Morts debut release, a 7″ EP consisting of only two tracks. For all its brevity, Le Jour Se Lève certainly knows how to make an impression. Laced with classic French black metal; thick, swirling chaotic blast beats with treble heavy guitars yet soft enough on the surface to provide for musicianship galore, Le Jour Se Lève is an absolute show stopper. For a year that has been thin on black metal, the pace is certainly picking up thanks, in no small part, to bands like Au Champ Des Morts. Continue reading

Album Review: Latitudes – “Old Sunlight”

latitudes old sunlight

Today we discuss the post-metal and ambient-laden, mood-enticing work of Latitudes. Halinig from the United Kingdom, Latitudes are probably most easily described as a progressive metal band. In fact, they share much sonically with the German progressive band The Ocean. Much like progressive bands, Latitudes focuses on full-length releases spaced by a few years. With their third full-length release, Old Sunlight, Latitudes have abandoned the instrumental concept (in a manner very similar to Isis circa Oceanic) and have created an album that fans of Neurosis, Sunn O))) and Immolation will revel in. Old Sunlight is a seven-track work that is more massive than advertised.

Continue reading

Album Review: Monolithe – “Epsilon Aurigae”

monolithe epsilon aurigae

I never really got classical music. Maybe it’s just my true knuckle dragging tendency, maybe it was rebellious (see also: misguided) youth, maybe I was just never sophisticated enough. It always seemed to be populated by the elite so I think that’s why I set my default appreciation of it in full reverse. Music for snobs? At least that’s what I’d tell myself. Of course everything is subjective and I was just a dumb kid. But as a slightly less dumb adult I think I have experienced my first positive interpretation of what I would happily label classical music, in the form of France’s progressive doom metal act Monolithe. With four full outings already under their belt that I’m still retrospectively indulging in, they are about to release album number five in the form of Epsilon Aurigae. And it is, as the kids say, way epic man. Continue reading