Rainbows in the Dark: Dead Register – “Fiber”

It’s nearly a given at this point in heavy music that genre lines are far more blurred than they were even ten years ago. As the tendrils of post-metal, ambient music, and shoegaze crept into black metal, death metal, and doom metal (and vice versa), it suddenly became much harder to classify bands with a rigid genre tag. The same has happened with a good amount of music tangential to metal: Post-punk has always been viewed as the big brother (or father, even) of goth rock, new wave, and industrial, but the beginning of each sound was fairly self-contained in its origins until artists started integrating more textures. It’s interesting, then, when all these worlds collide at once; Atlanta-based trio Dead Register have crafted an absolutely stunning debut with Fiber, which seamlessly coalesces influences from gothic rock, shoegaze, doom metal, and some “post” tendencies, both rock and metal.  Continue reading

Album Review: Marilyn Manson – “The Pale Emperor”


Marilyn Manson turned 46 years old earlier this month. Yes, the shock rocker whose music sparked everything from Joe Lieberman political crusades to unreasonable blame for the Columbine High School Massacre during his mid- to late-’90s heyday—that guy. Forty-six. Surprised? You must not have been listening to his recent output.

Over his last few albums, Manson’s music has simply sounded a bit tired. It’s felt tame. Its infamous bite has dulled, both sonically and lyrically. At times, it’s even begun to sound like it was made by someone old enough to have been raising a pitchfork against him back in the day. But that all changes with his newest effort, The Pale Emperor—a fantastic listen that rates as his best work since at least The Golden Age of Grotesque, and possibly even longer.

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