The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 89 (7.27.2019)

playlist - mixtape

Folks, it’s Saturday. The day that felt like it’d never come. But alas and long week be damned it’s time for whatever it is you do when you’re not paying the bills. And of course we’re here to help soundtrack the whole thing with another loaded playlist of the things we’ve been jamming this week. We’ve got tons of death metal, some hardcore..ish sludge, a little bit of black metal, a lot of stuff in between, and we close the whole thing down with a tribute to Des Kensel who just announced his departure from High On Fire, sad news. Go, hit the play button, and let the rough side drag. Oh, if you were subscribed to our YouTube channel you could’ve had this playlist last night so do that right here.

– Josh

Embracing the Descent: July 21 – 27, 2019


You know the drill by now and you also know we’ve missed a couple weeks. Oops. Anyway, we take a look at a couple, or more, albums from this week’s crop of new releases that struck a chord for whatever reason. The looks here are short and sweet but might help slide your hard earned cash one way or another. We’re here to be a blessing. Maybe. Dive in and if something strikes a chord with you, please go support it by simply clicking the links in the embeds. Or, visit Monday’s Initial Descent. Easy-peasy. Continue reading

Album Review: Desecresy – “The Mortal Horizon”

Desecresy - The Mortal Horizon

Finnish esoteric doom death kvlt Desecresy has been a name in underground circles many kvlt fans have revered, but in no way are they getting the attention they deserve.  Plainly simple, the band is as obscure as they come, even with a legitimately impressive back-catalog of death metal albums.  Somehow, the most knowledgeable fans always find a way to exonerate the metal community by supporting such bands that truly deserve the media support mainstream lame-stream bands get in increasingly larger amounts these days.  Desecresy needs your listening ear.  They will be releasing a full-length album entitled, The Mortal Horizon.  Ritual esoteric doom/death of superlative caliber will not get year-end mentions from most mainstream writers.

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Nine Circles ov… Re-Visioned Album Art


It’s the end of the year and everyone knows what that shit means. I’ve been refusing to even think about polluting the internet with another sort of list or anything regarding the albums I’ve enjoyed for the past year, until recently. I stumbled upon this site, which is really awesome — it’s ten artists re-imagining the album art for their favorite releases from 2015. I got real stoked on it but was let down by the absolute void of any metal albums. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturdays: Desecresy – “Stoic Death”

desecresy stoic death

Great music isn’t flawless. Rather, it succeeds despite its flaws. Flawless music is the metal produced in the digital factory style recording studios. Albums put together piecemeal. Each track and layer poured over with a fine toothed comb by its musical representative until that representative is happy with how the final product will reflect on them personally. Flawless music is individualistic. It’s compressed as to sound the same on a cheap boom box or in an opera house. No one wants perfection. There’s nothing to love or hold onto. It’s like attempting to climb a perfectly smooth wall—there is nothing to grab onto. You simply can’t relate on a deeply emotional level. Why? Because none of us are perfect.  Continue reading