Sepulchral Saturdays: Desecresy – “Stoic Death”

desecresy stoic death

Great music isn’t flawless. Rather, it succeeds despite its flaws. Flawless music is the metal produced in the digital factory style recording studios. Albums put together piecemeal. Each track and layer poured over with a fine toothed comb by its musical representative until that representative is happy with how the final product will reflect on them personally. Flawless music is individualistic. It’s compressed as to sound the same on a cheap boom box or in an opera house. No one wants perfection. There’s nothing to love or hold onto. It’s like attempting to climb a perfectly smooth wall—there is nothing to grab onto. You simply can’t relate on a deeply emotional level. Why? Because none of us are perfect. 

Great music, on the other hand, is about nothing but the music. It’s about sounds and compositional layers that existed in the ether long before the musicians channeled them into compositions. Music that is as vital and invisible as the air we breathe. It is neither dead nor alive. It just exists. As quantum physics would have us believe all things exist: everything exists in all states simultaneously. (Those who are fans of the show Silicon Valley, or are quantum physicists, will be familiar with this theory as the paradigm of Schrödinger’s cat.) Thus, the band that is able to pull that music from the ether and compile it into a recording are non-self absorbed people. They are simply a vessel through which pours music. Almost a medium between our dimension and the musical dimension. They are musicians who see a purpose and strive for that purpose rather than boast of their accomplishments.

Desecresy’s 2014 release Chasmic Transcendence is such an example. An album of musical perfection. Yes, there are flaws, but they are wholly irrelevant. The final product is a masterpiece in death metal perfection, not a surprising fact when tied to a Finnish band. So when their 2015 release Stoic Death somehow passed me by like a ship in the night, I wanted to kick my own ass. Desecresy are one of the most rare mediums in our micro generation of death metal. A band that is able to create recognizable, unique and infectiously captivating music.

Desecresy has a sound. Whatever wavelength of natural frequency resonates with the musicians in the band is painstakingly formed from air into clay and then into composed music. Shorter than Chasmic Transcendence, Stoic Death presents a similar, but altogether different take on their sound. While the album contains all the urgency and brutality we’ve come to love from Desecresy over their six years and four full-lengths, Stoic Death perhaps takes a step away from the clear Bolt Thrower influence. The guitars are tonally higher. There’s actual melody soaring over the top of their bass heavy, grinding chord patterns.

The vocals remain absolutely Desecresy and, aside from some extra reverb on the drums (snare in particular), not much has changed in that regard. But where prior Desecresy albums would employ downtuned guitars chunking out rough, gutteral melodies, they now employ a more psychadelic, high-pitched tone as a secondary guitar accompaniment. The result is a more rounded, accessible sound. While Desecresy will never be a gateway into metal, Stoic Death could be a gateway into the darker side of moderately paced death metal.

While nothing Desecresy does may ever top their 2014 release Chasmic Transcendence, their efforts in 2015 are another fine example of a band that has their act together. A band that’s positive of who they are, not trying to be something they are not and, most importantly, not playing music for any other reason than to channel what already exists in this ethereal world of ours. Desecresy compiles music that infects your entire being. Music that gets under you skin and into your soul. Stoic Death, although a late admission, will be an absolute contender for end of year lists.

– Manny-O-War

Stoic Death is available 11.1.2015 via Xtreem Music. For more information on Desecresy check out their Facebook page.



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