Album Review: Desecresy – “The Mortal Horizon”

Desecresy - The Mortal Horizon

Finnish esoteric doom death kvlt Desecresy has been a name in underground circles many kvlt fans have revered, but in no way are they getting the attention they deserve.  Plainly simple, the band is as obscure as they come, even with a legitimately impressive back-catalog of death metal albums.  Somehow, the most knowledgeable fans always find a way to exonerate the metal community by supporting such bands that truly deserve the media support mainstream lame-stream bands get in increasingly larger amounts these days.  Desecresy needs your listening ear.  They will be releasing a full-length album entitled, The Mortal Horizon.  Ritual esoteric doom/death of superlative caliber will not get year-end mentions from most mainstream writers.

The hypnotic lead guitar accompanying the slow, chugging riffs is signature for this band.  They love transitioning to slow plodding doom death.  The blast sections don’t come often, and clearly this band loves to perform ritualesque death metal for a small devout following they’ve won over through the years.

That following is as small as it is undeserved for a band of this talent.  Innumerable zombies drawn to mainstream music worship the likes of Mastodon.  This suggests that metal is doomed if not for the underground factions that support trve extreme metal.

Desecresy - Photo 2017

Desecresy likes plodding tempos indeed, but the band occasionally grooves mid-tempo.  The solos aren’t of the wailing variety, and the riffs are occasionally dissonant.  The guys clearly strike a balance between obscure riffery and catchy accessible death metal.  They’ve been an institution in death metal for as long as new wave of old-school death metal caught them in its resurgence years ago, but I feel that they’ve never belonged in a trend fad.  Their music is unique, and I can’t stop listening to it even as I attempt this deserving tribute piece.  After all, I own all their albums.

Take it from me, the discussion regarding what bands are up-and-coming and which bands deserve more media treatment will never change for the better.  Desecresy will never break the mold for death metal.  They play small clubs and release albums with small marketing budgets allotted for them.  If fans can get over the hype of mainstream magazines and instead, choose music that speaks for itself, we wouldn’t have an underground scene to begin with, an underground scene that governs itself in Darwinist fashion.  If the strong survive the costs of producing music that few people like, the weaker are sure to perish.  Largely, metal bands that thrive in the mainstream are likelier to survive through mediocre albums because hype powers their sails.  Call it the law of supply and demand.  There is safety in numbers.

So, I invite fans of esoteric death metal to instead, worship at the altar of Desecresy.  Stream this, then check out their back-catalog for similar brilliance.  Someone has to light the torch that keeps the divine black flame smoldering at the very least, should the blaze of perdition never engulf the mediocre tastes of the masses. I light that torch and pass it on to you, dear reader.  Choose wisely on your journey.

– Al Necro

The Mortal Horizon will be available August 14 on Xtreem Music. for more information on Desecresy visit their Facebook page.

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