Throwback Thursday: Mercyful Fate’s “A Dangerous Meeting”

mercyful fate band

Earlier this week, I got the opportunity to turn a friend on to Mercyful Fate. Of course, I chose the same route I’d taken many years ago—introducing them to “A Dangerous Meeting,” from the band’s classic album, Don’t Break The Oath. And funny enough, my friend had the same reaction as I’d had: his jaw hit the floor in amazement. From the loud, trebly production, to King Diamond’s vocal performance, to Oath‘s sinister artwork, this was and still is metal embodied to its fullest. So let’s use this week’s #tbt and dig in a bit… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: King Diamond’s “Conspiracy” Turns 25

As you likely guessed from the title unless you’re a moron, King Diamond’s Conspiracy turns 25 today! Raise your hands if you knew that one!

If you’re feeling old, just wait: Don’t Break the Oath turns THIRTY in a couple of weeks. THIRTY. Jesus. Anyway, in honor of the album’s quarter-century mark, we’re going to use this week’s Throwback Thursday post to pay tribute. Here’s a live performance of one of Conspiracy‘s best-loved tracks, “Sleepless Nights,” from last year’s Metaldays festival in Slovenia:

For those keeping score at home, King was 57 at the time of that performance. FIFTY-SEVEN. And he still sounded pretty damn good! I am now 100% more jealous of Corey for having caught his set at Wacken this year, and will now proceed to hound StubHub for secondhand tickets to his NYC show in October. Balls. Anyway, that’s this week’s #tbt! Check back later on for Quickies!


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