Throwback Thursday: Mercyful Fate’s “A Dangerous Meeting”

mercyful fate band

Earlier this week, I got the opportunity to turn a friend on to Mercyful Fate. Of course, I chose the same route I’d taken many years ago—introducing them to “A Dangerous Meeting,” from the band’s classic album, Don’t Break The Oath. And funny enough, my friend had the same reaction as I’d had: his jaw hit the floor in amazement. From the loud, trebly production, to King Diamond’s vocal performance, to Oath‘s sinister artwork, this was and still is metal embodied to its fullest. So let’s use this week’s #tbt and dig in a bit…

My initial exposure to this song came, cliche enough, on a Halloween night many, many moons ago. Needless to say, whatever festivities I had lined up for that particular evening were soon forgotten as I completely immersed myself in this one song. The initial guitar sequence and subsequent solo that opens the song struck a chord with me, and once King Diamond’s vocals came in, I was completely hooked. I’d never heard a delivery quite like his, and to this day I’ve yet to hear anyone that can match his range.

While he’s known for his falsetto, “A Dangerous Meeting” features some of King’s best lower register work—which just fits perfectly in the frame of the song. The one thing I noticed upon showcasing this track to someone else is just how much it still gives me chills even after all these years. I still remember signing along to the lyrics and attempting to dissect the mysticism.

I couldn’t help but get excited about sharing one of my favorite songs of all time with someone that had never heard it before. I’m sure the majority of you will have already heard it by now, but just in case you haven’t…hit the play button below and break the circle…

– Josh

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