CANTO: Suicide Silence, Distant, Unfelled, and More

Why hasn’t my copy of Foregone shipped yet?

  • I’m bookending this list with Century Media happenings. First, we have a new track from Distant which features Will Ramos of Lorna Shore. Give “Heritage” a listen here. That’s the title track from their new album, which is officially released this coming Friday.
  • Out of the Season of Mist camp, we have a new track from Unfelled, the black metal project featuring members of Woods of Desolation, Drudkh, and Austere. Give “Veil of Perdition” a listen here. Their debut full-length, Pall of Endless Perdition, is out on March 10.
  • French technical death metallers Gorod are releasing The Orb on March 7, right ahead of a North American tour featuring the likes of Cognitive, Summoning The Lich, and Flub.
  • Veil of Maya dropped a new track today through Sumerian Records titled “Godhead”. Give the video for that a watch here. They’ve got some tour dates in the near-ish future as well.
  • Let’s close out with the new video from Suicide Silence for “Dying Life”. That track is taken from Remember… You Must Die, which is set for a March 10 release through Century Media. But I’m sure you already knew that.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Imperium Dekadenz, Drudkh, Withered, and More

Today was weird. Full moons on voting day seems like a thing that shouldn’t be a thing.

  • Leading off, we have Drudkh, who are streaming All Belong to the Night a few days before its release. Give that a listen here. That album is officially out on November 11, this coming Friday, through Season of Mist.
  • A second item out of Season of Mist features Withered. The blackened death metal outfit has announced a headlining tour in December, covering a good chunk of the Southeast U.S. They’ll be supporting Verloren, which dropped back in 2020.
  • And then we have -(16)-, and their new track titled “Lane Splitter”. Into Dust drops on November 18 through Relapse Records, and their U.S. headlining tour kicks off at the end of this week. Good stuff all around.
  • Closing out, we have new material from one of my favorites, Imperium Dekadenz. Check out the video for “Memories… A Raging River” below, the first single taken from Into Sorrow Evermore. That new album will be out on January 20 through Napalm Records.

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CANTO: Darkthrone, Drudkh, Bloodbath, and More

Bloodbath - Survival of the Sickest

I find myself weirdly into tennis these days. That, and the Champions League of course.

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CANTO: Darkthrone, Drudkh, Abbath, and More

angry abbath

I’m actually going to a concert next week, and I’m already overthinking it immensely.

  • We’ll start with a thing I really wish I could go to. TRVE Brewing has announced their 10th anniversary concert, which features the likes of Khemmis, Panopticon, Dreadnought, and more. Those tickets go on sale at the end of the week.
  • Darkthrone is celebrating the 30th anniversary of A Blaze In The Northern Sky with a fresh, limited-edition, vinyl pressing through Peaceville. 666 copies will be released on June 24th. You can order it here, but I’m sure it’s already sold out. Edit: confirmed.
  • Keeping this short today, and rounding out with a couple items from Season of Mist. First, we have a new track from Abbath for “The Book of Breath”. You probably don’t need a reminder, but Dread Reaver is out on March 25th.
  • And we’ll wrap up Monday with the new video from Ukrainian black metallers Drudkh for “The Nocturnal One”. It’s worth noting that this release was moved up on the calendar as a sign of resistance. We’re with them, and all other Ukrainians. Slava Ukraini.

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CANTO: Eyehategod, Emma Ruth Rundle, Drudkh, and More


You might get one more of these this week, you might not. Isn’t it great living in mystery?

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