Album Review: Voivod – “Post Society” EP


I am far from being Nine Circles resident attorney, however, I am going to make an opening statement. Voivod are fucking interdimensional robots. They were developed by coders. Over the years, the operating system has been tweaked but the fact remains. How else can you explain the death and/or decommissioning of Piggy, only to have his trademark sound transferred and downloaded into the new Chewy unit? You can’t. It doesn’t fit. I’m also assuming that when Target Earth was in the beta testing phase, they decided that users weren’t adjusting well to the new system and they implemented a rollback to v2.0. And this isn’t the first time, remember when Blacky and Snake were both assimilated into E-Force? Exactly.

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Initial Descent: February 12, 2016

rotting christ band

Hey kiddies. Another Friday is upon us. And unlike last week, I don’t have much to say about this one. That’s not to say that there isn’t some good stuff coming out — Rotting Christ, Eight Bells and Magrudergrind are all worth your attention, to name just a few — but rather that my main focus is on making it through the work day and getting into a long weekend. Can you blame me? Anyway, enough words — here’s what’s on tap for Friday, February 12:
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Album Review: Eight Bells – “Landless”

eight bells landless
Artwork by Nate Burns

Landless is a bit of “wait and reward.” Long ambient passages, epic build ups and soft harmonies give way to rewards in the form of well-paced, driving sections of addictive, drum-forward rock. Appropriate, as the addition of Thrawsunblat drummer and Immortal Bird vocalist Rae Amitay provides the atmospheric and remains filled experience necessary for Eight Bells. Despite being entitled Landless, the album feels anchored by oceanside plains. It’s as if the music is tracing the cartography of these lands; pulling the listener along with them. Continue reading