Album Review:  BongBongBeerWizards — “Ampire”

Combining droning atmospheres, heavy meditational riffs to get lost in, psychedelic soundscapes, and reverberating vocals, BongBongBeerWizards have returned to the sludge doom scene with their third album Ampire, and it is quite possibly their best work yet.  The trio formed in Dortmund in 2017 and they bring an array of sounds to their music with the inclusion of woodwind instruments (flute and saxophone).  This makes for a unique and identifiable sound helping BongBongBeerWizards (in addition to their awesome band name) stand apart and bring something new and intriguing to the table. 

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Profile: Stoner Doom Troop Crypt Monarch

Crypt Monarch

Costa Rica’s Crypt Monarch self proclaims their style of metal as “necromantik stoner doom” and since they conjure both Electric Wizard and Sleep on their debut The Necronaut, we’d say they’re right on target. With three tracks in thirty six minutes, there’s plenty of stretched out fuzzy jams that mimic a seance but the band keeps things interesting with tempo shifts and wild riffs at unexpected times. We recently posed our set of Profile questions to the band to gain some insight, so read on below to see how it went down and grab your own copy from the links contained within. 

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