CANTO: Tribulation, Wilderun, I Prevail, and More


People are stupid.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 37 (4.16.2018)


Annnnd, here we are on another Monday. After battling with the lawn and way too many too long trips with too many wheelbarrow loads of mulch I need an extra day. Trying to be the essential “Hammer of the Gods” just didn’t work out. But, I tried. Counts for something I guess. So, to trudge painfully into this new week we will. Anyway, it was still good though, it was warm and the sun was out for the most part. However, no one wants to hear belly aching but everyone wants to hear some good music right? Yes! And, like we usually do on Monday there’s a playlist below of what tickled our collective fancy last week and is perfect for today. Head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe then hit the play button. Stay with us, we’ll see you soon.. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Dopethrone/Fister – “Split”

Dopethrone - Fister Split

On this edition of Sepulchral Saturday we take a look at stoner doom and sludgy violence with the recently released Split between Quebec’s Dopethrone and Missouri’s Fister. Both bands have been relatively busy but Fister, in this year alone, have three splits counting this one. When it comes to perfect pairings to do this sort of release you can never go wrong with these two. Both are bombastically heavy in their own right and both worship at the slow and low altar. So let’s get Saturday off to a grinding good start and see what this pair has to offer. Continue reading

Initial Descent: April 29, 2016

fallujah band 2016

Last Initial Descent post of April! Seriously, where the hell’s this year gone? We don’t even have a month left until MDF? Jeez. Anyway, some good stuff in the queue today. Fallujah‘s dropping a new album — hopefully with better production than the last one? Maybe? — and we’ve also got new stuff from hardcore legends Discharge (speaking of MDF!), as well as AllfatherLord Mantis and a whole slew of others. So let’s not waste any more time — here’s what’s on tap for Friday, April 29:
Continue reading

Album Review: Fister/Teeth – Split 7″

GDP-17-001.pdfOne of the greatest things about a split release is that it allows you to go deeper with bands you’ve already grown accustomed to while offering a glimpse of an undiscovered outfit. Splits also allow both parties to take some creative detours from the type of material that would be on a full-length and to pair up with artists that may not traditionally be seen as compatible. In the case of the upcoming split between California-based Teeth and the well-established doom/sludge barons Fister, there’s a clear parallel in the bands’ use of dissonance while offering a contrast in their use of tension and songwriting.  Continue reading