The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 259 (11.26.2022)

For those of you who celebrate it, welcome back from the throes of mass turkey consumption, of stuffing annihilation, and of pie decimation. For the rest of you, simply welcome back. I got a huge Thanksgiving gift when I learned Elder released their latest album Innate Passage a day early on Bandcamp, and then it just kept coming when I finally got to hear the totality of the new Spiritworld album. Both albums are putting serious crimps in my already drafted end of year list, so let’s kick off with them for this, the 259th Nine Circles Playlist.

The rest of the gang managed to pry themselves off the couch and offer up the usual assortment of metal maladies to get your body in shape for the holiday rush. We’ve got Jade, Fvnerals, live Der Weg Einer Freiheit, new Nothingness and Shedfromthebody. We’ve got a big ol’ epic from The Otolith, tracks from Esquela Grind, Intranced, and Reeking Aura. You want a little more moody and a little less extreme? Okay: we’ve got you dialed in with some Kathryn Mohr, some Silversun Pickups, and for the countryheads out there even a little slinky funk courtesy of Paul Cauthen. And one of the best bands in the world to close it out.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week.


Initial Descent: July 31 – August 6, 2022


Another seven day rotation and we’re back with more new metal. New metal Monday’s, as it were. Or, whatever you want to call it. Anyway, this week’s list isn’t as bulky as recent ones but you can bet the quality is still there. You want proof? Sure, how about Psycroptic who understand how to mix great songs with tech death, or Fleshrot who just make killer dirty death metal, or Amon Amarth who have completely cornered the melodic viking death market, or Abaddon Incarnate who make vicious as hell deathgrind. And DO NOT forget about Soulfly, don’t you do it. So, go do your homework and find what trips your trigger then shower it with your purchasing power. Happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

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