Retrospective: Sisters of Mercy – “First and Last and Always”

the sisters of mercy first and last and always

Last week Dan talked about The Sisters of Mercy’s (hereinafter “Sisters of Mercy” because…come on) second full-length album, Floodland.¬† Long before Floodland was a reality, before the members began openly filing lawsuits against each other and before Sisters of Mercy became a sort of German leaning industrial-goth band there was their beautiful debut album. Draped in all the British dark wave crowns possible. And that album, in all its glory deserves a day in the sun. As the senior statesmen here at Nine Circles, the task was handed to me to talk about Sisters of Mercy’s first album, First and Last and Always. Continue reading

Retrospective: The Sisters of Mercy – “Floodland”

the sisters of mercy floodland

It’s been a little more than seven years since I first heard Floodland arguably the best-known album from English goth legends¬†The Sisters of Mercy. In that time, it’s gone from an album I’d heard about only in passing to one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s so eerie, so totally in its element — and, oh yeah, so. damn. good. — as to become endlessly re-listenable. And having just gone through my…probably quarterly Sisters binge, I feel it’s the perfect album to wax poetic about for this week’s Retrospective. So let’s do that.¬† Continue reading