The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Crypteria’s Austin Burleigh and Kevin McCombs on Their New Album and Much More

Nine Circles Audio Thing

Floridian death metal. Those were the three words I was presented with when a friend sent me the Bandcamp link to Crypteria’s recently released full length debut, Crypteria. Based on my roots in this particular branch of death metal I was hooked after just one spin and the infection has grown ever since. So obviously, I had to know more and reached out for some insight and to find out what led them to exploding off the starting line with such a, pardon me here but, banger. Guitarist Austin Burleigh and bassist Kevin McCombs answered the call – the results of which can be heard below. Before you leave, don’t forget to hit the links contained within to grab a copy for yourself but don’t blame me if it rules your listening habits for awhile. Continue reading

Retrospective: Hot Water Music – “No Division”

hot water music no division

There are a number of bands I loved in high school that I still love today. Yes, some of them are still producing music—some of it even stellar—but there are few bands that can take me back audibly, olefactorily (probably made that word up) and emotionally to those days I spent crammed into tiny clubs in Southeastern Connecticut, screaming along to some of the most inspirational music of the time. Throw on Hot Water Music’s third full-length, No Division, and I’m right back inside the El-N-Gee. I can smell the sweat and cigarettes and see the awkwardness of teenagers trying to find a place in this crazy world. Continue reading