Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazurkiewicz on sports, band longevity, their upcoming album “Violence Unimagined,” and so much more!

Cannibal Corpse have been an absolute death metal juggernaut for over thirty years now and have long since past the point of having to prove anything. They’ve toured all over the world, been recognized by outlets that many would think not metal friendly, been featured in movies, and have had a career that most bands could only dream of. And with their upcoming fifteenth full length, Violence Unimagined, they show absolutely no signs of slowing down or even softening the blow of their brutal and very unique brand of death metal. Head below to get the details of a recent chat between Buke and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz.

Just ahead of the album’s release, Paul took the time to chat with Buke about their over thirty year run and how he stays on top of his game this far in. They also spend a lengthy amount of time on sports and particularly hockey and how that was in direct competition to music at one time. Paul chats about his parents eventual support and the moment they became his, and the band’s, biggest fans. They also discuss Erik Rutan joining the band and the positivity he brings, The Anchor Bar and La Nova and who has the best wings once and for all, Violence Unimagined, and a whole host of other topics. This is an excellent discussion so dive in below!

Many thanks to Paul for his time!

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– Buke

Violence Unimagined will be available April 16 on Metal Blade Records. To keep up with all things Cannibal Corpse, visit their official website.

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