Metal Blade’s founder and CEO, Brian Slagel, on the label, its history, hockey, and much more!

Metal Blade Records has been a household name for metal, and heavier music in general, lovers for longer than some of you have been alive. Founder, owner, and CEO Brian Slagel had a vision back in 1982 with the first of the Metal Massacre compilation series, to highlight, then, unknown heavy artists. This led to the beginnings of Metal Blade Records and a long standing relationship with fans all across the globe. This week marks the XV edition of the Metal Massacre series as the label nears 40 years in existence, and remains a dominant force in metal and beyond. Head inside for an in depth discussion via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazurkiewicz on sports, band longevity, their upcoming album “Violence Unimagined,” and so much more!

Cannibal Corpse have been an absolute death metal juggernaut for over thirty years now and have long since past the point of having to prove anything. They’ve toured all over the world, been recognized by outlets that many would think not metal friendly, been featured in movies, and have had a career that most bands could only dream of. And with their upcoming fifteenth full length, Violence Unimagined, they show absolutely no signs of slowing down or even softening the blow of their brutal and very unique brand of death metal. Head below to get the details of a recent chat between Buke and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz.

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Many Faces of Manny, June 2015: The Pansification of the NHL

john scott george parros
6’8″, 270lb behemoth John Scott receives a blow to the face from Princeton alum George Parros

Before we get into this newest edition of Many Faces of Manny, I must give a tip of my hat to my buddy Rick Carpiniello over at Rangers Report, who is not only one of the finest journalists in the world but also a very funny and beautiful man who has either come up with or partaken in the development of some of the fine acronyms and made up words that will populate this rant. Without his dedication these genius terms, like NSML and “pansification” and “Europansy,” would never have been possible.

That all being said, let’s get into this month’s topic: the Pansification of the NHL.

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