Profile: Daniel Stollings of Ghost Horizon

Dan Stollings
Daniel Stollings

Atmospheric black metal can really be amazing, in the right hands. And with Arizona’s Ghost Horizon the genre is in very capable hands. The band got its start in 2015, released their debut EP Astral Possession (covered here) in 2016 and earlier this month released their second EP Erotics of Disgust (featured here). Both of these EP’s are living, breathing examples of atmospheric black metal and how it can amplify the emotions involved in the writing process. Recently we had the opportunity to ask founding member Daniel Stollings our set of Profile questions, read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Ghost Horizon – “Radiant Eyes”

Ghost Horizon - The Erotics of Disgust

Arizona’s post black metallers Ghost Horizon have announced April 7 as the release date for their highly anticipated second EP The Erotics of Disgust which consists of four intensely emotional songs clocking in at a super fast 18 minutes. Seriously, as soon as you dig in this thing is over and way too soon if you ask me. Even though the band has self tagged this as post black metal to me it’s four tracks of deeply immersive and emotive black metal, bearing just enough of the aggressive blast beats and scathing vocals to keep the elite happy while leaning on light and airy sections bookmarked with the occasional clean vocal to keep those of us looking for an escape happy. So it really is the perfect medium to fully let yourself go with. Today we have an exclusive stream of opening track “Radiant Eyes” for your listening pleasure after the jump. But, don’t blame me if you get completely bowled over with it since I had the exact same response. Continue reading

Album Review: Ghost Horizon – “Astral Possession” (EP)

Album Cover

Phoenix, Arizona is not exactly an area we would think to turn to for atmospheric black metal. Yet, it would be foolish to dismiss or overlook the debut EP from Ghost Horizon titled Astral Possession. Through only three tracks that are all relatively modest in length, especially given the genre at hand, Ghost Horizon manage to create a dynamic environment of sound that is truly captivating. It is an impressive emergence onto the scene through a brief collection of tracks that I have become thoroughly addicted to. Continue reading