Album Premiere: Schatten Muse — “Vergänglichkeit”

On March 28th, just a few short days away, the mysterious project known as Schatten Muse will be fully unveiled to the world through their debut album, Vergänglichkeit. The German-Greek duo of Shelmerdine and Sylvia Fürst have crafted a truly dark form of gothic electronic that is unlike anything I have absorbed in some time, if ever. That said, don’t take our word for it. The entire album is available for streaming in advance of the release date immediately after the jump.

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Sepulchral Saturday: Slitherum – “Godbox Suicide”

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Inspiration to write about an old album I have only just been tipped off to is a bit like the stars aligning. Everything needs to be right: Curiosity, motivation, alcohol, time. It all needs to line up. Fortunately, after a couple grueling days of sobering up from this past weekend in Baltimore, I finally had my shit organized again. Just in time for the weekend, I was introduced to the lesser-known project called Slitherum and their recently released debut album titled Godbox Suicide. Pale and brooding, yet simultaneously aggressive and catchy, this is an interesting album and one certainly worth getting absorbed in. Continue reading

Album Review: Rotting Christ – “Rituals”


Rotting Christ is a band that, quite simply, I have completely overlooked over the years. And I mean completely. Unless I heard a track somewhere down the line by accident, my experience with the Greek extreme metal group has been virtually nil. Which is a shame given their prominence in the genre’s early days in that region (going back to the late 1980s). Yet, after listening to Rituals the first few times, I came to realize that I had been doing myself a great disservice in failing to discover the impressiveness that is Rotting Christ. Their sound has evolved significantly over the years, and Rituals is a black metal album rooted firmly among gothic doom influences, coming together to form a sound as unique as it is massive. Continue reading

Album Review: Ides of Gemini – “Carthage / Strange Fruit (EP)”

ides of gemini carthage strange fruit 7"

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, and to commemorate the occasion, Los Angeles trio Ides of Gemini will be releasing the 7″ EP, Carthage / Strange Fruit via Magic Bullet Records. For you vinyl junkies, the 7″ will be a limited edition, one-time-only run of clear and black vinyl—completely unavailable on any date other than April 18, 2015, so remember to get out and support your local vinylery (a word I just made up to mean “record store”). Continue reading