Album Review: Blacklisters – “Adult”

Blacklisters - Adult

If you think about it, Adult is a fitting title for a sophomore effort from Leeds noise quartet Blacklisters. Much like the title suggests, the album’s construction — from the riffs to the rhythm section, through the serious-sounding song titlesis a bit more grown up than its predecessor, Blklstrs. At times, though, that ends up being to the band’s detriment. Their once-volatile delivery gives way to longer, drawn-out rhythmic patterns that grow tiresome on repeat listens. Continue reading

Album Review: Twin Lords – “Devastating Planetary Shift”

Twin Lords - Devastating Planetary Shift

Devastating is a perfect descriptor of the noisy, violent and sludge-filled sound on the New York based duo Twin Lords full length debut Devastating Planetary Shift. The seven tracks contained within offer a wide variety of sounds and do it with sharp blades to your heart, mind and ears. Drummer Andrew Hernandez mines the dark feel of his old band Tombs and even though there’s a lot of differing sounds, darkness is the running theme. It seeps in ever so slowly but fully envelops you by album’s end. Continue reading

Album Review: Ash of Cedars – “Ash of Cedars” EP

Ash Of Cedars - Ash Of Cedars

With their self-titled debut EP, Arkansas supergroup Ash of Cedars seemingly come out of nowhere and lay claim to the distinguished title of “band that will be playing when you arrive at the gates of hell.” The members’ day jobs—Rwake, Snakedriver, Epoch of Unlight and Vore—run the stylistic gamut: sludge, doom, death metal, black metal, you name it. And when brought together, it ends up being a truly nasty black metal concoction that melds each individual’s styles to varying degrees.  Continue reading

Album Review: Pyrrhon – “Growth Without End” EP

Pyrrhon - Growth Without End

Still riding on the wave of last year’s full-length, The Mother of Virtues, Brooklyn deathsters Pyrrhon are back with a new EP, Growth Without End. They’ve got the same production team in the fold, but have moved to a different label—Handshake, Inc.—which better showcases “on the fringe” artists. And on the fringe is precisely where this EP lies; it’s nasty, extreme, noisy and forward-thinking, so if you were a fan the last time out, you’ll probably really dig this one. Continue reading

Initial Descent: June 2’s New Releases in Brief

steve brule hell
via Adult Swim

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Initial Descent! And — FINALLY! — a solid lineup of new stuff to dig into! (Feels like it’s been a while since we had one of those.) Anyway, here’s what we’ll be chatting about on this week’s podcast:

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