The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 8 (9.12.2017)


Greetings once again. It’s been a rough weekend for a lot of people and there’s a lot to do in the coming weeks and months so here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery on all fronts. Irma was mostly a wind and rain event for us, meaning: tress down and power outages so we skated by. Anyway, we have another fantastic playlist in store for you featuring, as usual, a broad spectrum of artists and genres. Think of this as your Tuesday pick me up, or whatever. Give it a listen below and revisit some of our previous playlists while you’re at it. Let’s get to it, shall we… Continue reading

Album Review: Horrified – “Of Despair”

Horrified - Of Despair

On second full length Of Despair, Horrified majorly overhaul their throwback death metal sound. But to simply call it old school would imply it was somewhat devoid of any kind of melody. On the contrary, the addition of melody is the biggest change from the band’s straightforward debut Descent Into Putridity. It’s a huge step out on a limb for any band to drastically change their sound or think outside the box, but the band does it and successfully so here. Continue reading

Initial Descent: March 25, 2016

cobalt band erik wunder charlie fell

God-DAMN, what a new release Friday we’ve got today. Even if all we had dropping today was the new Cobalt, it’d still have been a hell of a day. In case it wasn’t clear, that’s your reminder to pick up the band’s long-awaited third album, Slow Forever. It’s an absolute triumph, and a surefire album-of-the-year contender. (Yes, it’s March. Not comfortable dropping “AOTY” bombs this early? Let’s give it a more timely nickname: how about “No. 1 Overall Seed”? #Madness)

But in fact, Cobalt’s not the only thing dropping today. Not by a long shot. We’ve also got Krighsu, the new record from Spanish brutal/tech deathsters Wormed (WORMED), and new stuff from Rotten Sound and…sigh…Amon Amarth, among others. Like I said, it’s a big day. So let’s not waste any more time; here’s what’s on tap for Friday, March 25:
Continue reading

Interview: Horrified on Writing, New Directions, and Bleak Inspirations


For those of us who were around for and really enjoyed the early iteration of death metal, a band like the UK’s Horrified is akin to an old friend. Their sound is raw and visceral to put it lightly. On their debut Descent Into Putridity influences such as Autopsy, Carcass and Dismember played a large part throughout. It was an exercise in speed and brutality that hit hard and got out quick. On their second full length, Of Despair, the band retains their gritty, raw sound but tightens the songwriting and adds a heavy dose of melodicism as well as (gasp) slower sections. No fear though, the end result is a truly exciting and utterly mesmerizing second effort. Mastermind Dan Alderson discusses this change as well as many other things after the jump. Continue reading