Cult of Lilith’s Mario Infantes on new album “Mara,” employing odd instruments, meaning of Necromechanical Baroque, Cult of Overthinking as an alternate band name, and so much more!

Cult of Lilith

Iceland’s Cult of Lilith are technically a young band in the sense that they only have one EP available but with the release of their impending full length debut Mara they stand to crush it in the death metal scene with a sound that’s akin to modern heavy weights in the scene but with their own unique take on it and unique use of odd instruments to firmly place the exclamation mark on it all. Harpsichord, 80s style synth, and intriguing songcraft make this band stand out from the crowd like an orange flag in a sea of black.
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Profile: Haukur Már Guðmundsson of Iceland’s Kavorka


The words Iceland or Icelandic generally are followed by black metal since black metal from there is insanely good. But, Icelandic metal and even heavy rock are equally amazing as evident by Kavorka‘s debut full length, Internal Rituals, which was released late last year. The lyrical themes are dark and extremely personal while the music is a cohesive mix of metal, rock, blues, doom, and sludge—a mouthful for sure but this band is flat out powerful, period. This is an amazing debut from a band that sounds far beyond their years. We recently caught up with vocalist Haukur Már Guðmundsson and asked our set of Profile questions to dig deep in the minds of Kavorka so keep reading to get the scoop and please support the band through the links contained within. Continue reading

Album Review: Almyrkvi – “Umbra”

almyrkvi umbra

This is a sentiment I repeat over and over, but Iceland is producing some of the best metal the world over right now.  While still a relatively new name in the global game, the artists condensed into the tiny country are pushing the boundaries of what black metal can be in ways that others have only hinted at.  This year alone we have a split from Sinmara and Misthyrming, another standalone EP from Sinmara, and a new Svartidaudi EP keeping the scene in cultural focus, and capitalizing on that momentum is Almyrkvi, who are releasing their debut full-length album Umbra.   Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Sólstafir – “Miðaftann”


Sólstafir has long challenged our understanding of heavy music. While much of their history may be more clearly categorized as black metal, the Icelandic group has recently wandered into more of a more melodic and progressive style. And it’s brilliant. Whether you consider it metal or not, their latest work, 2014’s Ótta, was one of the best albums to drop that year. But as impressive as their music has always been, it was actually the visual aspect of their sound that really captivated me originally, when I discovered this band through their video for “Fjara”. Taking full advantage of the landscapes of their home country, Sólstafir deserves to be recognized for the incredible music videos that accompany their music. The latest video for “Miðaftann” only furthers that point. Continue reading

Album Review: Misþyrming – “Söngvar elds og óreiðu”


It seems only recently that Iceland has emerged as an epicenter to a constantly varying and exciting take on music—especially black metal. As I’ve continued to test the waters of the Scandinavian island’s music scene, I’ve only become more impressed with the barrage of sounds rising out of what was once musical obscurity—at least in my mind. And thanks to their extremely impressive debut full-length album titled Söngvar elds og óreiðu, we can go right ahead and file Misþyrming away as yet another impressive Icelandic black metal outfit.

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