The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Imperial Triumphant was July 2022’s Album of the Month!

Once again it’s Album of the Month time and for July it was a pretty unanimous pick with Spirit of Ecstasy from Imperial Triumphant. The usual gang of suspects are present for the discussion as well as MC Supreme Buke. Much is made of just how insanely good this album is and the band’s penchant for being over the top in the best way possible. Elsewhere the gang spends a good portion of the runtime gushing over everything else they listened to since they last got together and since we had a technical glitch (absolute obliteration) with our June episode, some time was spent looking back on that as well.

In other words, just another episode of the Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 242 (7.30.2022)

Yep, you get me again for this, the 242nd edition of The Nine Circles Playlist. And we’ve got a good one for you this week as Vince drops a new one from A Pregnant Light and a little something from Enslaved, Ian drops a track from Imperial Triumphant and channels Vince with a The Mountain Goats pick, Chris gives us the new one from Ghost and an Asunojokei pick as well as another excellent Bill McClintock mash up “Holy Mary Jane,” Angela reminds us just how good the latest from Zeal & Ardor is, and I dig deep into the new Goatwhore and Lorna Shore. All that, and tons more in store right behind that play button below. So, did you piss off the neighbors last week? NO!? Well, you get another chance to do it right now…crank it.


Album Review: Imperial Triumphant — “Spirit of Ecstasy”

Imperial Triumphant - Spirit of Ecstasy

Longtime readers of this site know that we’ve been on the tip about Imperial Triumphant for quite a while now.  Between profiles, interviews, podcast episodes and, of course, album reviews (of which I’ve had the distinct pleasure of supplying two, plus a review of their tea collab), I think it’s safe to say we are pretty well sold on their particular brand, nebulous as it may be at times.  Even though Alphaville is barely two years old as of this writing, Spirit of Ecstasy feels like a long time coming.  Maybe it’s just because I can’t get enough of what they put out.

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Initial Descent: July 17 – 23, 2022

Imperial Triumphant

A little lighter mood this week, seven days can make a bit of difference. Sometimes I feel like that famous Hulk line in Avengers: “That’s my secret, I’m always angry.” This is probably why the Hulk has been my dude since I was a kid, funny how it took this long to put that together. Anyway, you came for new metal and new metal is what we do here on Initial Descent, in case you missed it. This week really gets the blood flowing with extreme in all shapes and sizes from Imperial Triumphant, WAKE, Witchery, Karl Sanders, and many more in the list that follows. Tons to dig into so happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

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CANTO: Soulfly, Imperial Triumphant, Dismember, and More

The world makes me sad sometimes. But, five more work days until I’m in Wyoming.

  • Soulfly shared a new music video today, and that feels like just as good of a place to start as any. Check out the clip for “Filth Upon Filth” here. That offering is taken from Totem, which is out on August 5th through Nuclear Blast.
  • More from Nuclear Blast, and this is super dope. Dismember have once again joined their ranks, which is a very big deal. To mark the occasion, a fully remastered version of Like An Everflowing Stream has been made available across the streaming platforms. And I cannot wait to find out what comes next.
  • Detroit death thrashers Plague Years dropped a surprise EP today through MNRK Heavy, titled All Will Suffer. Check out the video for “Suffer” at Metal Injection, and find all ordering options for that album here.
  • Is closing with the latest from Imperial Triumphant the obvious thing to do? Yes. And I’m going to do it anyway. Below is the video for “Tower of Glory, City of Shame”. The arrival of Spirit of Ecstasy is coming up quick… and if you needed a reminder that date is July 22nd through Century Media.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”