Chaos is Me: January 2021

New year, back on the same bullshit. Welcome to Chaos is Me, Nine Circles’ monthly roundup of the best screamo one man can dig up. If you’re joining us for the first time in this new year, welcome, and thanks for checking this out. If you’re a repeat reader, then thanks for coming back for a new season. 2021 is already off to a great start music-wise, with a few releases that might even have the potential to stick around come list season when this year wraps up. I called a lot of shots that I regretted in this respect last year, though, so for now lets just take stock of what are definitely my favorite releases from January.

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CURSED IMAGERY: The Month in Album Art (January 2021)

cursed imagery

Hey, it’s this thing! Remember this thing? You probably don’t, because as is the case with most of my “contributions” to this site, it’s been more than a year since I did anything with it. Originally, Cursed Imagery was a weekly segment that celebrated (read: shitposted about) ridiculous album covers from across our beloved metal genre. It ran for about six months in 2019, and then promptly died. Until this moment, that is — until its rebirth as a monthly segment that will shitpost about ridiculous album covers from across our beloved metal genre. For as long as I can keep it going, anyway. (All bets are off.)

Anyway, enough words. It’s a new month, so let’s take a look back at the old month. Here are our album cover, er… highlights… for January!

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